Friday, July 4, 2014

Happy 4th of July!

Just wanted to share one of my Etsy finds in celebration of Independence Day!

Unfortunately over here it's cloudy and pouring buckets when it should be a bright, sunny beach day
:( . So, in honor of America's big day, I'm hanging out it in patriotic style in a star spangled monogram from SouthernPrepCo (they also have super cute monogrammed hats, tees, tanks, vests, quarter-zips, etc).

And then, my everyday red, white, and blue...

My iPhone case, from this post!  You can find this case on the Etsy shop, EmbellishCases (I have the tough case option, which is a rubber case that goes on first and then the hard shell snaps on top.  It's definitely saved my phone on many klutzy occasions.  It's definitely worth the extra couple of bucks--your phone will thank you).

Hope everyone enjoys their 4th of July celebrations!!  XOXO