Sunday, September 28, 2014


Who doesn't love a good monogram?  I admit, I like to monogram whatever I can: my accessories (jewelry, totes, etc.), my laptop, and of course, my phone (remember my monogrammed star-spangled case from etsy?).

A few weeks ago I discovered an app perfect for my monogram obsession: the Marley Lilly monogram builder (also available as an Android app); it let's you customize your phone's wallpaper.  You can pick from 4 different monogram fonts as well as an assortment of backgrounds,  frame shapes, and font colors.

Be warned: you will spend quite a bit of time mixing and matching fonts, colors, and patterns; the possibilities are endless! (And did I mention?  It's FREE!!)

You can access the Marley Lilly shop and blog straight from the app, as well as their newest products, flash sales and other deals.

Happy monogramming everybody!  :)

Thursday, September 25, 2014

What A Stud!!

For the past couple of months I’ve been getting my nails done at a salon—and that adds up quickly!  So now I’m back to doing my nails myself.

Today I went with a simple nude and gold stud manicure.  It’s super easy, and the supplies are pretty cheap if you know where to look (Amazon, *hint, hint*!)

Step 1: Start with your base coat (I personally used Sally Hansen ‘Miracle nail thickener’).  Let dry.

Step 2: Pick your nail color (Essie ‘Topless and Barefoot’ is what I have on in the picture).  I usually apply two coats, and allow some drying time in between coats for better coverage (I think it also helps with avoiding a streaky finish, especially when using lighter colors/thinner polishes).

Step 3: Apply a drop of nail glue (I got mine in a nail jewel art kit from Dollar Tree!), using a tweezer or wax pencil apply stud to desire spot (in my case, right above the cuticles), and press gently (I got both the wax pencil and packet of gold studs on Amazon for about $1 each!).  Let dry and then apply another drop of glue on top of the stud—enough to cover to the sides of the studs (I like to make sure the studs are REALLY glued down, lol).

Step 4: Apply your top coat and let dry.

Voila!  Add some cute midi rings (from Icing stores and Forever 21 have great, affordable options!) and chic at-home nail art doesn’t get much easier than that!

Good luck!  :)