Monday, August 31, 2015

Travel Style: Camo + Sailor Stripes a 90s throw back: Spice Girls buns!  When I travel I like to keep my hair out of my face (one less thing to worry about if I'm not fiddling with my hair!); so I usually stick to buns or braids--chic and easy.  Especially when I'm driving long distance, like I did this weekend, I hate it when my hair gets in my face (I have long, crazy hair with a mind of it's own).

Just a side note, I'm not pregnant, my shirt is just baggy, lol.
Can I just say I love my car (it's a 2015 Chevy champagne!); it's perfect for road trips!  It's super spacious, with lots of room for luggage (and I always travel with a lot of it; I haven't quite gotten acquainted with "packing lightly", haha) and friends...and more luggage (because a girl needs options!)!

This Vera Bradley duffle is an oldie, but a goodie.  I got it as a Christmas gift a few years ago while I was still in college.  It's perfect on short trips and I can fit a TON of stuff in it (the zipper is basically magic, because no matter how much I stuff in there, it always seems to be able to close!)!.

And this palm print Old Navy tote (sadly, sold out, but I did post some similarly inspired bags down at the bottom!)?  I use it for everything!  Trips to the beach, my gym bag, and when I go on trips it holds my toiletries and shoes (I like to have lots of options, lol).

My favorite travel outfits are loose, but still have some structure to them; this makes them both comfortable and stylish.  This nautical striped top and joggers are perfect; the patterns provide interest, and everything looks put together but isn't stuffy and uncomfortable (the worst things that your outfit could be when traveling--especially on a long car ride).

Upstate New York is ridiculously gorgeous!  Nature is everywhere and it's all beautiful.  Leaving Long Island and heading upstate for a couple of days is just the refreshing getaway that I needed (I've been feeling tired and in a slump for a couple of weeks now).

#selfie.  I snuck this one in while Richie was still out of the car, before we left for our hike...  No matter what anyone says, you can never have too many selfies!  Plus, I love these aviators (another Old Navy find!), which I think are the perfect sunnies for any adventure!  And check out my ombré; on point!  ;)

Yes, I make Richie take selfies with me (and there are a million more of just me when he refuses to get in the picture, lol).  I took a really cool, little video selfie, but it was one second short of the three second minimum to post it to Insta (not cool, Instagram, not cool; insert sad, teary emoji face here).  But this one is just as cute.  :)

I'm not gonna lie, the hike was much harder than I thought.  I was sweaty and achy...and cranky.  I have a weird love/hate relationship with heights: I'm totally okay with them and love them when I'm strapped into something, but the trail wasn't a typical, well-wen dirt path, there was lots on climbing, and narrow pathways, and drops off the sides; in short, I was a giant weenie during most of it.  I wish I would've just taken a deep breath and enjoyed it more, because it was truly beautiful; but I was so worried of slipping, and falling off the path and breaking something, that I let my anxiety take over, and it sort of ruined some of the adventure.  Luckily, Richie was a really good sport about it all.

When we finally got to the waterfall, it was all definitely worth it.  Pictures don't do this place justice.

I had to stick my hands under the waterfall.  It was just so, so hot on Saturday; especially since this was the end of the hike, and then you had to turn back to hike back down (so, I guess it was really the middle of the hike, haha).

When my sister (and blogger photographer), Rachel, isn't around, that means it's up to Richie to snap some shots for me--whether he likes it or not...and he doesn't, lol.  During our hike I wanted to get in a quick outfit pic, with this amazing backdrop.  His response, "Not everything is a fashion show!".  

He's lucky he's cute.

After the long hike, Richie took me to a nearby watering hole that people go to after a long hike.

Jumping off this ledge into the watering hole was so much fun (and my goodness, so refreshing too!)!  Even though I love adventure, and crazy roller coasters, heights anywhere else, kind of freak me out (like I said, love/hate relationship); it was a little scary to stand on that ledge, getting ready to jump into waters that I didn't know how deep they went, but I'm super glad I did!  Richie and I were the only people jumping from the highest ledge, and it gave me a pretty good confidence boost (and it totally cooled me off from our hike!)!

*Check out one of my other upstate adventures, here, where Richie and I went underground at Howe Caverns! *

The next day, we just took it easy: sleeping in late and then, hitting the Crossgates Mall for some date night fun (they have everything there!)!

Ever since I went to Dave and Busters a couple of months ago, I've been hooked (is that dorky? lol #sorrynotsorry)!  So Sunday night  we went for date night; it's easy, fun and has everything in one place (food, drinks, and entertainment)!  Plus, I'm super competitive (with pretty much anything, especially Monopoly...), and I love winning tickets; I don't know what it is, and Richie finds it hysterical that I get so amped when I win (hitting jackpot is the best feeling in the world, haha).

As you can see, I'm super sad that Dave and Busters went electronic with their tickets. One of my favorite parts is when all the tickets comes shooting out of the game (especially when you hit jackpot!!!).

 I hope ya'll had a fun weekend like I did!

What's your favorite way to travel in style? :)

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Tuesday, August 25, 2015

Layers on Layers

Even though it's still summer it doesn't mean that you can't layer (I layered clothes and accessories today)!  Which also means, it's back to basics.  If you layer your accessories, I would say to keep your clothing layers more on the simple side, otherwise your outfit could become a circus (I love me some basics!).

Layering necklaces adds a lot of interest to an outfit; especially if you're keeping it simple like I did today.  A plain white tank is like a blank canvas, and adding a couple of special necklaces takes the outfit from plain and blah, to ooh-la-la sparkly.

If you haven't noticed yet, I'm obsessed with these cat eye sunnies (from Paper Doll Vintage Boutique, which I talked about here)!

P.S. My Princess Leia buns are a throwback to my 90s childhood (although one of the older librarians at work told me I look like a little Dutch girl, haha), a.k.a my Spice Girls phase (which I pretty sure any 90s girl went through and rocked this hairstyle at least once!).

I'm seriously in love with these druzy dainties (mentioned in this post last week) sent to me by the lovely Angel, of August Jewelry Chicago.  She was so lovely to work with, and I can't say enough good things about my new necklaces.  Plus, they go perfectly with my long J. Crew tassel necklaces (they were obviously made for each other!)!

Check out Angel's Insta, @augustjewelrychicago, and make sure to snag your own druzy necklaces before they're all gone!  (You can order through:

Layering tanks and sweaters is perfect for where I work; I do a lot of running around so sometimes I get really hot, and then other times if I'm in one spot for a while, I cool down in the AC and start to freeze.  A cute and simple tank under a simple sweater is the solution to the constant temperature change.

And, bonus!, throwing on a sweater gives you a whole other look!  It's basically two outfits in one (#score!).

And don't forget your Sperry's!  These white canvas ones make any outfit more summery (especially since my entire wardrobe consists of winter colors, lol).

Shop my look (and similar pieces) here!

How do you guys feel about summer layers?  :)

Rolled Up Joggers

Oh, rainy days; they're such a bummer when you have to go out and actually be a real person and go to work.  But, they're also my favorite kind of days when I have nowhere to be and can stay all snuggled up in bed and binge watch Netflix (lol).  When I do have to be a real person though, I like to be as comfy-cozy as possible in yucky weather, like today's been.

So, my solution?  Joggers!  Paired with a cute tee and structured jacket, you can still be comfortable while being work appropriate at the same time.

Other than boyfriend jeans, joggers are my favorite pants to wear, hands down. They allow maximum comfort while still looking put together--such a wonderful luxury, especially for work!

My joggers got a little shrunk out of the wash. Nothing major, just a little awkwardly short.  But I'm so in love with the pattern that it was killing me not to wear them because they shrunk a bit. Then, today when I was getting dressed for work, I spotted them in my closet and had an idea!  Why don't I just roll up the bottoms once or twice, just like my favorite boyfriend jeans?!

Ta-da!!!  Such an easy fix!

Rainy days call for some fun braids (or at least an attempt at one--it's the thought that counts, lol).  It keeps everything in place, and on humid days like today, it also manages the frizz (first year Hermione is not a cute look at this age).

How do you guys take on rainy days?  :)

Wednesday, August 19, 2015

Swan Crop Top on Repeat + WIWW

Remember this swan crop top (worn a few WIWW Link Ups ago, here)?  Last time I styled it, I had worn a high waisted skirt, so it was appropriate for work; but, pants is a different story, because, number one, I don't own any high waisted pants that work with this top.  Sooooo, in order to make this work appropriate and still wear pants, there was only one solution: layer it with another top!  Layering crop tops is the perfect way to stretch that summer wardrobe into fall and winter (I'm all about making wardrobe pieces go the distance)!  I love the way this swan print crop top looks layered with a long white button up layered underneath.  Completely work appropriate, but still fun and interesting.

I work at a library here in my town and its a lot of running around, so I have to be careful about how I plan out my outfits.  It may be hot and humid outside, but inside the AC is blasting.  But then running around I heat up pretty quickly--there's a lot to take into account temperature-wise at my job, lol.  So layering these two lightweight shirts is perfect for work because it's enough to keep me from freezing all day, but not thick and heavy enough that I'm sweating to death (because that's the worst pretty much anytime).

And you guys already know about my awesome black cat eye sunnies that I'm pretty much obsessed with this summer (from Paper Doll Vintage Boutique, which I talked about here)!  The vintage shape makes them so much more interesting that regular boring plain black frames.  And it's especially important when you're wearing a predominately black outfit (which happens to be a huge chunk of my; they're able to stand out, despite being the same color as the rest of my outfit because of their uniqueness.

Druzy Stone necklaces c/o August Jewelry Chicago
I recently teamed up with Angel, at August Jewelry Chicago, to share some of her favorite summer pieces with you guys, and I'm in love!  To me they just scream: summer!  And summer ain't over just yet!  Her pieces are fun and playful, and all around great to wear.  I got so many compliments when I wore them to a party over the weekend.  My favorite thing about Angel's jewelry is that it's so versatile; you can wear each piece alone, or layer them up to make a real statement!

These druzy stones are the main event, and they add a bright pop of color to my outfit; and the delicate gold detailing (the thin gold chain and the gold encircling the druzy stones) kicks it up a notch, making them extra special, and keeps the necklaces looking light and pretty.  Plus, they layer perfectly with the necklace that Richie got for my birthday (which I  wear all the time, and it has our initials, with a little heart in the middle)!

Initials necklace: Bip and Bop
One of my favorite ways to accessorize during the summer is to layer dainty necklaces, just like these ones!  They're super lightweight, but can add a lot of sparkle and impact to any outfit.  I feel like being able to layer multiple pieces together just looks cool; it's effortlessly laid back and boho--perfect for summertime.  You can bet that these bad boys will be making several appearances in future outfits.  :D

Head over  to instagram to check out her pieces at @augustjewelrychicago, and make sure to snag your own druzy necklaces before they're all gone!  (You can order through:
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Monday, August 17, 2015

Easy Peasy Retro Scarf Hair Style

If you're like me, styling your hair all by yourself is a challenge.  Anything I've accomplished hair styling-wise is the result of lots and lots of practice (for example, it took me the longest time to learn how to curl my own hair, I used this youtube video, by my friend, and awesome hair stylist, Sam!  Seriously, if you're not so hair savvy, this video will be a major help; I can now proudly boast beautiful 10-minute curls!).

Now retro hair styles are a whole 'nother ball game.  I've tried quite a few times to recreate those glamorous victory rolls that my favorite pin-up IG'ers rock, and let me tell you, they must be using magic, because I can't for the life of me figure out how to get it done.

But fear not!  I've found a super simple way to add some retro flair to your 'do without wanting to pull out your hair.  The easy peasy solution?  A vintage scarf.  You can find one of these at any vintage/thrift store for under $10.  You can even use a bandana!  And those you can find at a craft store for about $1.

This look is perfect for summer.  It keeps the hair out of your face, and looks like you put a lot of thought into your hair (when we both know, it only took a minute or two!).

Here's what to do:
1.  From top to bottom (aka, one point to another), fold your scarf.

2.  Fold the point at the top to the edge of the bottom.

3.  Repeat step #2 at least once or twice more (or even three times!), depending on how thick or skinny you want the band to be.

4. Tie the scarf around your head, with the knot and scarf tails (ends?  What do you even call them? haha) at the nape of your neck (but I usually push mine to one side and let the "tails" hang over one shoulder). 

5.  Use bobby pins to keep the scarf in place (especially if you're using a silky scarf; they get a little slippery and slide off if they're not held into place). I usually do two bobby pins on the top sides of my head and two on the back side. 

6. Voila!  A super easy way to add a little vintage touch to your outfit! :)

So breathe easy friends!  It doesn't get any easier (or cuter!) than this!  :)

P.S.  These cat eye sunnies, from Paper Doll Vintage Boutique, (which I talked about here), add an extra touch of retro glam!

Wednesday, August 12, 2015

Past and Present + WIWW

Fun fact: I am a huge history nerd (in college I majored in history).  As such, I've always been convinced that I was born in the wrong era (...even though I'm obsessed with my iPhone...oops, lol).

Given my love of history, and being an avid thrifter, I've come to really love and appreciate vintage fashion.  I love to try and incorporate it into my outfits, big or small; sometimes with a bold, red lip and winged eyeliner (which I kinda do everyday...), or I'll incorporate it into the shape/style of a dress I wear that day.

Today I even incorporated a fun hair scarf, along with my usual winged liner and red lips.

My favorite place to shop and get vintage inspiration is a local boutique called, Paper Doll Vintage Boutique (Sayville, NY, right on Main St., so if you're ever on Long Island, definitely go check it out!).  They have the cutest shop, and amazing vintage pieces.  Plus, owner Dominique, is an absolute sweetheart!  It's like stepping back in time, and it's just heaven for me!

On one of my many trips to Paper Doll with my sister, I spotted a new display: sunnies.  I had a blast trying them all on (and I do mean all). These sunnies (also styled here) immediately caught my eye, and it didn't take too much convincing to buy them right then and there.  They are hands down, one of my summer staples.  They're black, classic, and can go with anything!

I've really been digging this fishnet nail art on a "naked" nail.  It's super easy to do, and looks awesome (stay tuned for a DIY post!)!  And these little Ciaté nail pearls make this manicure feel a little more summer-y, and a whole lot more fancy-schmancy.

I know sometimes (...okay, most of the time!), it's a big ol' pain to keep a scarf (or bandana) on your head all day, especially if it's silky, like the scarf I wore today.  No worries; throw a couple of bobbies in, and you're good to go!  I like to use two on the top sides, and two on the back (keep them evenly spaced of the best look).

Another fun fact: I need glasses (womp).  But I won't settle for any ol' readers, I go all out; because if I need to wear them all the time, they need to be cute.  I actually ordered a pair of Versace frames when I went to the eye doctor for my exam, and they're totally pin up glam; I'm obsessed with them already (still waiting to pick them up lol).

For more inspiration, follow my pin up/vintage Pinterest board @classicallycait!

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Monday, August 10, 2015

Style Inspo: Jessica Alba

There's always a few days where I find myself in a style rut.  I look into my closet and in my dresser and I can't seem to find anything I like enough to put together into an outfit, #strugs.  One of my favorite ways to get some style inspirations is looking to celebrities.  Jessica Alba is definitely one of of my favorite celebrities to look to for fashion inspiration.  What I love about her style is that, like Kate Middleton and Emma Watson (two of my other favorite style inspirations), her style is so accessible because it's easily duplicated on a broke girl budget!

Sometimes being able to duplicate a celebrity look (or even something close to it), makes me love my outfit even more that day, because I was able to create a similar for hundreds of dollars less!
Pic. from Daily Mail
Seriously, casual yet fancy and chic at it's finest.  Classic LBD, paired with this uh-mazing bomber jacket and black pumps.

Pic. from Boutique to You
I need this entire outfit in my closet, stat.  I've really been digging these flared jeans lately, and have been keeping my eyes peeled for a pair flattering to my shape because I just love them!  Plus, jeans and a white tee combo?  Check and check.

Pic. from Daily Mail
I am an absolute sucker for a good blazer; so much so that I may actually have a problem (totally picked one up last weekend at the J. Crew Factory store...#sorrynotsorry!).  Like the flared jeans, I'm also loving long blazers (with and without sleeves...although I guess that would make them I guess long vests are also on my list!  lol), and have been searching for one to rock myself.

Seriously though, how can one person be so perfectly and effortlessly chic?!  If I could just copy and paste her wardrobe into my own, I'd be such a happy camper.

Shop the look-alikes here!
What do you guys think of Jessica Alba's style?

Wednesday, August 5, 2015

Tough Girl, Pretty Girl + WIWW

Today was just an overall good day. I felt super productive AND both my hair and OOTD were on point; can a girl ask for more?  I didn't really have much to do (really I just had to get my eyes checked out and re-take my passport picture), but even when I cross off the few things on a short to-do list, I still feel kinda accomplished.  I think it was mostly because I felt so good about how I looked today, that I just came up with errands to do so I could show off my outfit, lol.

I totally felt pretty, and, a little badass today; AKA, the perfect combination for getting sh*t done!  I feel like looking good and feeling good makes me more productive; I got it all done and ordered some new frames ( red; which I'm super excited to share with you guys!)!  I feel like I totally rocked today.

Jeans are usually hit or miss for me, but GAP  has some killer jeans, that fit in all the right places, and don't make me look frumpy.  And their boyfriend jeans are my absolute fave.  These ripped pair are totally bad girl chic, and they're insanely comfy!

As always, I'm rocking my power bag, the Michael Kors Selma bag (in navy blue, because #navyornothing!), that Richie got me last year.  

Last year my sister and I discovered, Paper Doll Vintage Boutique, a local vintage store on Long Island (if you can't make it out to the Island, definitely give their Etsy shop a look!).  They have the best accessories to add a little vintage glam to your outfits.

While I was out at the eye doctor, one of the women working there actually made my day and told me that I inspired her outfit for a concert she was going to tonight!  Hearing things like that are total confidence boosters, and it made me love my outfit even more!

Clearly it's no secret I now love posing with my sister's (who also happens to be my photographer!) bright red car.  While I love my 2015 Chevy Equinox (AKA, Viv; named by my sister), Rachel's car just provided a more retro and edgier backdrop.  Plus, the bright red is the best pop of color for pretty much any photoshoot.

recently collaborated with Sakeenah over at BroBandz to share these earrings with you guys.  And just like their name, these are most certainly, "Not Your Grandma's Pearl Earrings"!  These earrings are the definition of tough girl, pretty girl chic!  Pearls in the front= classy, pretty girl; spikes in the back= edgy, tough girl.

I love the feeling of classic pearls (and I loooove me some pearls), and then BAM! silver spikes in the back add some tough girl flair.  Definitely the perfect pair of studs for taking on the day and crossing things off your to-do list!

And one of the best parts?  10% of the profits go towards Meals on Wheels and More chapter in Austin, TX.  I'm all about fashion for a cause, so for sure, check out BroBandz and help Sakeenah support Meals on Wheels and More!  <3

P.S.  This Turquoise Beaded necklace is too cute; and perfect for layering!

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