Wednesday, July 1, 2015

Four Day Weekend: Recap

Who doesn't love a four day weekend?  This past weekend I did a solo road trip upstate (New York).  On Saturday I had an engagement party for one of my sorority sisters (and old college housemate/bestie), so I decided to make a long weekend of it since Richie also lived upstate. 

A quick how-to for "tucking" a shirt or sweater into a jumpsuit.

Either a belt or drawstring:  Tuck part of the bottom of the shirt into the belt/bow of the drawstring. If you're tucking into a drawstring, tie it once, tuck the shirt in, then tighten the drawstring before you tie the bow. 

 Easy-peasey!  Just adjust the shirt a bit so that it falls right, and then, voila, you're ready to go!

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On Saturday, Richie and I dressed in our best and went to the engagement party!

This scallop dress from J. Crew scallop dress (on sale right meow!!!  And it's under $50!) is the perfect dress for an engagement party (or really any occasion)!

I'm convinced that navy blue is pretty much perfect for any occasion.  It's simple and sophisticated.  It can be casual or fancy-schmancy.  By now if you couldn't tell, I'm #teamnavy all the way.

The pearls say classy girl, and the leopard wedges say "let's have some fun!".  Both are super easy to pack and travel with and really add some extra oomph to a solid outfit. 

Brittany and I have been friends for quite a while now.  We're basically the same person.  Back in college we spent our Friday afternoons, after classes (and sometimes Friday nights too), munching on junk food and having Bride Day marathons (so we're basically wedding planners now).

I can't wait for all of the wedding celebrations to begin!

I think we clean up quite nicely!  ;)

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Sunday was a lazy day, spent relaxing and watching movies snuggled under covers while it poured outside.

Monday was adventure time and I was super excited to go explore Howe Caverns!  Upstate NY is a great place to go on an adventure if you love the outdoors.  

I'm still not sure as to why this dress was displayed before the tour, but it was so darling that I had to snap a quick shot of it anyways!

...that's right!  There's a room down in the caverns where cheese is stored an aged.  Our guide told us that because of the constant temperatures down in the caverns (a cool fifty-two degrees all year 'round), it's the perfect place to age cheese!

This stalactite (...or stalagmite?  I can't remember!), is called the Chinese Pagoda.  It was huge (I think it was around nine feet)!

Being down in the caverns (the equivalent of fifteen stories underground), was so amazing!  The whole time we were down there I kept telling Richie that it was so unreal that it felt like I was on the set of the movie because this couldn't possible that this was all naturally occurring!

It's said that if you're of marrying age, and you step on the stone, it's supposed to be good luck, and that you'll be engaged within the year!

Our guide told us that people even get married down there!

#cavernselfies, kinda hard to achieve, but darn it I was going to make it happen!  I think Richie was relieved that it was a little too hard to get a good selfie down there, lol (he's not much of a picture taker).

These dyed geodes from the souvenir shop were so pretty!  I didn't buy any because I have no idea what the heck I'd do with them, but they were definitely so cool to look at that I seriously debated buying a set (damn my tourist-like nature!).

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This four day weekend of fun and relaxation was just what I needed! :)

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