Wednesday, July 1, 2015

The Mini Bag

...packs a big punch in only a fraction of the size!  I just recently found one in Target, in the bag clearance section, and guys, it's love.  I hadn't even gone in looking for a bag (isn't that always the story with Target?), but I spotted it (not too hard to miss bright red-orange) and was immediately drawn (I'm also convinced I can spot a sales tag from like a mile

And don't be thrown by the size of this pint-sized bag.  You can fit all your essentials, and then some, inside (like your friends' keys when you go out...I'm the designated holder of anything that doesn't fit in my friend's clutches when we go out, lol).

As you can see, this pint-sized bag goes with everything and can go anywhere.  I love it for running errands, hitting the mall (my bigger bag gets in the way sometimes, especially when I'm on a shopping spree), going out; it's a go-anywhere kind of a bag (it also packs great in a suitcase!)!

This bag is all you need for summer.  And it's on sale, right meow (shop it below)!
Who's ready for the mini bag?!  :)

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