Tuesday, September 22, 2015

Channeling Rosie the Riveter + WIWW

Since I bought my eyelet dress back in April (check it out here + here), I've been on an Old Navy kick; when people ask me where I got something I'm wearing the answer is usually, Old Navy.  They've really stepped up their fashion game and I've been loving it all.  Just last week I picked up another one of their jumpsuits (because a girl can never have too many; check out my other, light wash one here!), and it's awesome!

As a fan of vintage-inspired clothing (and history major), I feel like I'm channeling the very famous, Rosie the Riveter, in this jumpsuit; and I LOVE IT!

First of all, jumpsuits are great because you don't have to think at all when getting dressed in the morning; pull on one piece of clothing (maybe throw on a layer if you need, or an accessory or two) and you're done (which is even better for going on trips, so you can at least say you tried to pack lightly-- I'm totally guilty of packing my whole closet whenever I go away-- lol)!


How fun and easy is it to grab and go with a jumpsuit that just needs a few sparkly accessories?  So great for days when you're tight on time in the morning.

I haven't worn these super cute record earrings since I bought them at Graceland (what an amazing trip that was!), but I found them among my other earrings and knew that they'd go perfect with my retro-modern look.  Seriously, little gold Elvis records?  So cute!!!

Jumpsuit: Old Navy (ON SALE: $20!) || Necklace: old H&M sales find (similar here) || Flats: Marshalls find (similar here) || Crossbody: old Target sales find (similar here) || Aviators: Old Navy purchase (only in stores) (similar here) || Watch: c/o Fossil || Earrings: souvenir from Graceland!

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Saturday, September 19, 2015

Desert Princess Chic

I'm not really a sweats kind of a girl (I only have two pairs, and they're both Richie's lol; the only time I ever wear them are to bed, or maybe babysitting); to me, dressed down is jeans and a tee, with a cute pair of flats (or my trusty riding boots if it's fall or winter).  And then I got a second job, at Aerie, and am now surrounded by lounge wear...but it's not all your typical lounge wear.  It's pulled together, so you can look chic and still be comfortable; who doesn't want to wear sweats and sweaters and still look stylish?!

Lounge wear is the perfect solution to transitioning your wardrobe from summer to fall!

One of my new faves is a recent Aerie purchase: the wrap front jumpsuit.  I'm in love with the wrap front; it just makes the piece feel a little more chic than a regular jumpsuit (it's all in the details!).

I love jumpsuits.  They're so easy to dress up and down (perfect for travel); and they're the most versatile piece you can have in your closet.  Especially this one!  Since it's lounge wear, you can wear it to bum around (but still looking super cute!), or you can dress it up with a blazer (or this shawl!) for a cool work look, or even a cute pair of heels and statement necklace for a night out (talk about multi-function!)!

I love this look, because on days like this, where I'm working one job and then going straight to the second, I like to be super comfortable to help get through a long day of being at work and extra time in the car.  Nothing makes me crankier than being in an outfit that I have to keep adjusting all day (well, being hungry is really what makes me the crankiest...but style-wise, it's definitely the constant fixing of things here and there with my outfit that'll turn me into a bit of a grouch...oops).

I paired the jumpsuit with this statement piece: the striped shawl.  

This shawl has some serious twirl factor, and I'm really digging it; it makes the outfit feel light and floaty. Plus, it's super soft; I felt like I was wrapped in a cozy blanket all day (definitely can't beat that level of comfiness!)!

I'm convinced that the less I spend on my sunnies, the longer they last!  I can't even tell you how long I've had these black cat eyes, but I've never lost or broke them and I probably only spend ten bucks on them at Target!

Shawl (sold out, similar here) + jumpsuit: Aerie || Watch (c/o) Fossil, similar here || Booties: Old Navy (old purchase), similar here + here || Sunnies: Target (old purchase), similar here + here || Tassel necklaces + earrings: J. Crew (old purchases), similar here + here || Initials necklace (a birthday gift from Richie!): BipandBop 

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How are you transitioning your wardrobe from summer to fall?  :)

Friday, September 4, 2015

Paper Doll Vintage Boutique

I've talked about my favorite local vintage shop...a lot.  As a history major/fashionista I absolutely love vintage fashion from previous eras; one of my favorites is the 40s and 50s. 

A year of two ago my younger sister introduced me to Paper Doll Vintage Boutique, a little vintage shop on Main St., in Sayville, Long Island. 

Now, Rachel and I go at least once a month (sometimes we'll go two or three times!).  We actually go so often, and I'm forever tagging or posting about the shop, that they recognize me from my Insta posts (insert blushing emoji and fangirl squeal of excitement, here haha) when I walk into the store!

I think the reason why we go back (and so often!) is because it's such a fun and inviting place to be!  The staff there, especially owner, Dominique, are so sweet to everyone that walks in; and they're so passionate and knowledgeable about their products and vintage fashion in general. 

They have everything; both vintage and vintage inspired!  Hats, bags, clothes, shoes; you name it, they've got it!  I'm addicted to their sunnies, and I just picked up the cutest turban (totally the new beanie); I plan to go back to get more of each!

So, I think a post, sharing this treasure is overdue!

I LOVED this gingham romper, but alas, it was not meant to be (AKA, my butt was too big for it, haha).  Even though it didn't really fit right, I felt like a pin up star in it!  I'm definitely keeping my eye out for another (slightly bigger) one to put away for next summer!

Peace!  I'm not really sure if I can rock these round sunnies, but they're bubblegum pink and I think I'd wear them anyways--they're too fun not to wear!

I've gotten quite a few things from the shop over the past few months that I absolutely adore.  I've also tried on a few things as well, that I loved, but couldn't justify buying because I had nowhere to wear them (*sigh* broke girl problems), but I had a ton of fun trying them on and daydreaming regardless!

1. Tortoise shell cat eye glasses

Like my pin-up wannabe pose? haha :D

2. Black cat eye sunnies
If you follow me on Insta (here!), then you know how much I love these sunnies.  They've been my summer staple, and I wear them everywhere!  I like their plain black matte color, because it's classic, and the shape is just to die for.  As a devoted winged-liner girl (going on ten years!), I also love a good cat eye.

pic from this post here; also feat. in this post here, here, here, here, annnnd here...so far!

3. White Heart shaped sunnies (sadly, broken)

pic from this post!

4. Kate Spade Blazer!  I haven't seen too many blazers in this gorgeous green color, and the shape is awesome; the asymmetrical collar, and the longer length...I'm in love.

pic from this post here, and also feat. here!

5. Straw hat with black ribbon, A.K.A. Madeline's hat, plus a ton of other vintage hats that I wish I had somewhere to wear!

This straw hat in particular has been one of my favorite pieces I've seen at the shop!  It reminded me of vintage French fashion...which I guess is why I refer to it as the Madeline hat.  The little bow in the back is just darling, and the simple shape of the hat and it's straw material, makes the hat great for summer/spring...or a great vacation hat (a vacation to France!!!).

6. Swan print skirts and petticoats!

7. Peep that chandelier action!  The whole shop is so beautifully decorated; filled with art from local artists, a gorgeous chandelier, and racks and displays filled with vintage treasures!

So if you're ever on the Island (Long Island, for all you out-of-staters!  lol), make some time to stop by!  And if you're too far to make a trip, check out their site (and their Etsy shop!)!  :)

Do you have a favorite local shop that you can't get enough of? :)

Tuesday, September 1, 2015

From Happy Hour to 9-5 Chic

Today I took an oldie-but-goodie, faux-leather "going out" top and totally turned it into office chic!

I got this peplum a long time ago (okay, less than six years ago), when I was in college, and from then on it was pretty much only for going out.  But now that I'm out of college, and I'm still trying to figure out what I want to do, and money's tight, I've started to get creative with how I style my clothes and accessories so that I can stretch the wardrobe I have and cut back on buying so many new things.

I paired the peplum with a pair of Old Navy pixie pants (they're extremely comfortable, and totally office worthy; I also own about five pairs, haha) that I've easily worn double what I paid for them, and a plain white button up.  I've come to love layering this simple button up (funny story, this was a hand me down from my little sister--so, hand me up?--but my chest is much bigger than hers, so I can't wear it by itself, so I've taken to layering it with everything!  Check out this Insta, where I layered it with my J. Crew scallop dress--perfect for fall!)

I LOVE my ombré, and this winter, I'm sticking with it... but going in a totally different direction color wise (this gray ombre or this icy blue ombre)!

And the half bun-half down look is easily one of my favorite 'do's.  Depending on how you style your hair (or don't, like I did today #teamnatural), can make your half bun look casual or chic!  Total game changer (and it only takes a few seconds to throw up!).

Berry lips are my favorite for fall (and winter), and I'm in love with this Revlon Colorstay Moisture Stain in 'Parisian Passion" (what a name!).  It goes on super easy and doesn't dry out your lips at all; and the color is a bold and rich, jewel tone.

Cecil gold watch, c/o Fossil
But it's still summer, and one of my favorite summer shades is Essie's 'Butler Please'.  It's the epitome of summertime, and looks like a beautiful ocean blue that makes me wanna go hang out on a beach all day!  And these little Ciatè pearls totally step up my already awesome (and DIY'ed--pat pat on the back, lol) mani.

These metallic oxfords from J. Crew (an awesome find from a few months ago), are an awesome nod to the past, but still look fresh and not stuffy.

What do you guys think of making your night pieces, office-ready?  :)

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