Monday, May 25, 2015

Weekend Blues

This weekend was filled with lots of laughter...and food; a.k.a. the perfect way to get better quicker (because I'm still sick)!

Saturday was adventure time; my parents and I went out to Brooklyn to check out a local flea market.  And let's just say that it didn't turn out as we thought.  When I think flea market I think crazy amazing vintage treasures and farmer's market type of a place. What we walked into was a modge podge of...well, junk.  But getting out of the house, going for a scenic drive and hanging out with my parents was still a blast!

I love this combo of: graphic tee+boyfriend tees+comfy cardi+metallic shoes=casual cool.  I was sooooo comfortable in this outfit, I might as well have been in my PJs!  It was so beautiful and sunny out, but there was a bit of a breeze, so jeans and a cardi was the perfect way to go.

This pineapple print backpack was something I bought last summer for a trip Richie and I took with friends down to Maryland.  I love this backpack; it cute and functional (and it fits so much stuff in it!).

On our way back we took the long way home and drove along the water and then stopped for a late lunch at a cute little clam shack right on a marina dock. 

I used to hate seafood; I wanted nothing to do with it, and couldn't even stand the smell of it.  But since last summer I've slowly started to enjoy eating it!  Especially baked clams (my fave seafood) and crab cakes...probably because they're covered in breadcrumbs and cheese.  Plus those onion rings?  Super tasty!

Any meal by the water makes the meal one hundred times better (especially when it's a beautiful day out, like it was on Saturday).  It the epitome of relaxation. One day I hope to live on the water (fingers crossed!).

Anchor rings and pearl bracelets are perfect for a seafood lunch.  This was actually a happy fashion coincidence (even though my dad asked me if I did this on purpose, despite the fact that we didn't even know we were going to this restaurant until like ten minutes before we sat down to eat, lol).

Sunday was BBQ day!  I decided to keep it comfy and casual since it was low-key. 
The weather lately has been so up in the air lately; sometimes its a little chilly, sometimes it's a little too warm.  A cute, light cardigan over this jumpsuit is the perfect solution.  It goes along with my sandals without being too match-matchy.

I could seriously sleep in this jumpsuit--it's that comfortable!  My favorite pieces to buy, are the ones that I can just throw on and go, but doesn't actually look like I  threw everything together.  Basically, I try to put together all my outfits around comfort, without having to give up looking fashionable. 

I'm obsessed with my heart sunnies that I found at a local vintage store.  They're so much fun and I love the white frames for summer (which will look great once I finally achieve my tan!)!

Tassels?  Yes please!  I'm obsessed.  They're definitely going to be an accessory that I'll be gravitating towards this summer. Tassels are super fun, and pack a punch when they dress up a plain outfit. 

My sister takes pretty much all of my pictures for my blog and Insta now, and for a while we've been trying to figure out the whole "jumping for joy" pose.  I think we're both finally starting to get the hang of these photo shoots; definitely much, much better than when we first started doing photos!  :)

And these Old Navy sandals, just like the jumpsuit is also super comfortable!  They're totally a cool summer shoe.  And I love the way my pedicure (Essie "Lapiz of Luxury")!

Shop my weekend looks here!

I hope y'all had awesome weekends full of yummy food and lots of laugh!  :)

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