Friday, October 30, 2015

Sleek, Chic + Furry

First of all, I'm really, super excited Halloween is tomorrow!!  For all my last minute DIY'ers, check out yesterday's post for some quick and easy costume ideas that you can make from things in your closet (or that you can grab from the store and wear after Halloween's long done)--here.

Now back to today's post!  :D

Once the cool weather hits, it's sweater weather weather for the next two seasons, for me anyways (I LOVE a good sweater!)!  I feel like a good sweater can totally make an outfit.   I just bought this Aerie cowl neck sweater while I was at work because I obsessed over it every time I walked by it (try it on, and I dare you to not fall in love with how comfortable and super duper soft it is!).

P.S. This sweater is on sale, so I had no choice but to buy it, right? haha

This outfit made me feel a little like Audrey Hepburn, but with a modern, millennial twist--aka, the most perfect and chic outfit combo ever.  Simple detail, and sleek hair makes this look feel more expensive than it really is (win!!!).

I love mixing textures when I have a monochromatic outfit; this soft sweater with the edginess of faux-leather accents is everything!  Different textures, within the same color scheme makes an outfit go from boring to interesting--I got so many compliments on this outfit at work!

And a little gold sparkle here and there?  Always a must!

If you haven't joined Poshmark, you need to head over to the app store and download it (it's free!)!  I found these black leather lace up flats and I'm in love!  

Sign up and use code 'PNXBH' to get a $5 credit to use in the app (you can find amazing fashion pieces for a fraction of the cost!)!

Cowl neck sweater: aerie || Faux fur vest: Marshalls (similar here + here) || Watch: c/o Fossil || Leggings: LC Lauren Conrad for Kohls (similar here + here) || Lace Up Flats: Poshmark (similar here + here) || Saddle bag: Paper Doll Vintage Boutique (similar here)  || Cat eye sunnies: Paper Doll Vintage Boutique (similar here + here)

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Thursday, October 29, 2015

Easy Peasy Halloween

...using stuff you already have in your closet!

Last year I was Mary Poppins for work (I work at a library), and then I was also Black Widow for going out at night (nice and warm for a chilly October night, and I had most of the stuff in my closet).

This year I'm doing two costumes again: one for the day (babysitting and work), and one for the night (going out with friends) (because how can anyone pick just one costume when Halloween's only once a year?!).

For the daytime I'm going as Cat Woman (which is essentially my DIY Black Widow costume from last year, just tweaked).  Black Widow, or Cat Woman are super duper easy to put together last minute (like even day of, easy!).  This year I'm working at my newest job, Aerie, annnnd babysitting, so I know that I'll want to be comfortable and able to run around easily (and don't forget, work appropriate).

Both costumes are the same outfit; the only difference is the change in accessories!

For Cat Woman, I just used an old, plain black cat mask that I'll wear on my head (kinda like those glasses Ann Hathaway wears in the Dark Knight Rises).

For Black Widow I switched out the cat mask for a DIY'ed belt buckle, which I made out of red and black foam, to look like the back of a black widow spider (which took all of two seconds to make!).

Black Widow/Cat Woman is made up of work out clothes; you can't get any more comfier than that (or warmer!).  And even better, they're pieces that you can wear long after Halloween's over (score!)!  All you need is a pair of black OTK (over the knee) boots, black leggings (mine are a LC Kohl's clearance find, half-leather, half-cotton find), black workout zip up, chunky black belt (with DIY belt buckle safety-pinned to the front if you're going as Black Widow) and a black utility belt I found on Amazon.  And my gloves?  They're old lacrosse gloves from high school that I spray painted black!  It definitely doesn't get any easier than that; plus, you can wear all the pieces waaaaaay after Halloween (so you don't have to feel that guilt of paying $40+ on a costume that you probably won't ever wear again)!

For Halloween night this year, I'm going as Lilo from Lilo and Stitch (I just love that movie!)!  Again, super easier than you think, to put together.

While you're probably not going to be wearing a hula skirt any time soon after Halloween (and if you are, I'm totally jealous, because it's probably a good time wherever you're going, haha), you could totally re-wear the crop top (paired with a cute midi/high-waisted skirt perhaps?).

How stinkin' adorable is this little Stitch backpack?!  My inner child is totally obsessed.  Plus it's functional for keeping all my things safe for a night out on the town!

"This is your badness level.  It's unusually hight for someone of your size."

And these flats?  I don't even have to worry about getting use out of them--I've already worn them like fifty times since I got them last month!!!

Go forth and DIY the hell out of Halloween!  :)

Wednesday, October 21, 2015

Fall Blooms + WIWW

I totally forgot that my mom's hydrendras go from blue and white in the summer, to a gorgeous dusty rose color in the fall; they matched perfectly with my outfit!  Naturally I have to pick a few for the pictures (girlfriend's on a budget over here, so I gotta get my flowers straight out of my backyard instead of picking up a cute bouquet at the store, haha).

This Aerie blanket scarf and cable knit sweater are soooooo fall; the colors are gorgeous, and not the stereotypical orange and red you would normally think of fall, but pretty dusty pinks and beige, very natural and earthy.

Seriously, I love how cute they look even when I'm just rocking some jeggings.  A  lazy girl's dream come true, lol.  No doubt this sweater and scarf will be on repeat all fall (and winter!) long; both together or separately with other pieces--#sorrynotsorry!

Sweater: Aerie || Blanket scarf: Aerie || White pullover: Old Navy, old; similar here || 
Nude Lace Ups: Charlotte Russe || Aviators: Old Navy: (not available online), similar here || Watch: c/o Fossil
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Monday, October 19, 2015

Negative Space + #manicuremonday

Even though I've picked up a second job, and could now afford to go get my nails done, I love doing my own nails!  Not only can you save tons of money (a regular mani on Long Island can be around $20, and if you have acrylic, it could be around $50 if you have to get a fill in too!), plus I love the sense of accomplishment when people are surprised to find out I did my nails myself!

You can use a lot of things that you have laying around your house to create an awesome mani.  My favorite go-to?  Scotch tape!  You can get so creative with your nail art using plain old tape.

Using: Essie 'Tuck It in My Tux' + 'Devil's Advocate'

1.  Nail prep:  Remove all old nail polish, push back and cut cuticles if needed, cut and shape nails (I like to rinse off my hands to get any left over polish remover off and dust from filing my nails my nails to ensure a smoother, nicer looking mani).  Apply a base coat (just 1; too many layers and your nails will chip quicker!).

2.  After everything is completely dry (not even tacky to the touch), cut 20 strips of tape for the stripes (I had to use packing tape because for some mysterious reason we had absolutely no more scotch tape in the house, lol; but I'd suggest regular scotch tape); better to pre-cut beforehand than as you go because you'll wind up ruining your manicure (nothing ruins a mani like having to start all over again).

3. Likewise, it's easier to put all the tape for the first stripe on at the same time.  Place one strip of tape on each nail on a diagonal.  Always use the lightest shade of the two, first.  Paint two coats of polish and let dry completely.  Peel off the tape, and make sure first color is completely dry before moving on to the second color (otherwise when you pull the tape up, the first color will be pulled up with it).

4.  Now, place tape in the opposite direction, also on a diagonal, of the first stripe.  Using the second, darker shade, paint two coats and let dry.

5. You can stop here, after you put on the top coat.  Oooor, you can continue on to add a little bit of edginess and sparkle!

6. Add a drop of nail glue or clear polish towards your cuticle (in the center), and place one stud (so that one of the corners points up, like a diamond), and cover with a clear coat (I like to cover all the sides too, for extra hold).  Repeat for each nail, and voila!

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Friday, October 16, 2015

The Good Kind of Blues...and my Indiana Jones Hat!

Today was one of the first days that it was consistently cool all day; but not cool enough to be breaking out the big guns (my heavy jackets).  I went with my J. Crew denim vest (at under $100, its a great investment piece because you can wear it all year round, like I did here, during the summer!) because it was just thick enough to keep away the chill, but not so heavy as to make me overheat as I ran around at work.  Perfect for layering on top of a popover!

I'm not a big hat person, but I certainly love buying them (um...#shopaholic...oops, lol).  I do however, love wearing this H&M wool hat in the fall.  It's great to throw on when you're having a bad hair day (or even when you're having a good one!), and still look super cute.  

My dad calls it my Indiana Jones hat, haha.

This black leather saddle bag was a major thrift find at my favorite, Paper Doll Vintage Boutique (only $10!!!!).  I've only had it for a week and I've worn it everyday since!  Plus, the little gold details compliment my Fossil watch that I never go anywhere without (score!).

And last but not least, my flats.  I'm totally on the lace up flats bandwagon!  However they seem like they can get expensive, and as a girl on a budget I was super surprise, over-the-moon happy when I found a pair in Charlotte Russe, perfect for all y'all on a budget too (they're under $30 and come in black as well!)!

Vest: J. Crew || Stripe Popover: Old Navy, old; similar here || Watch: c/o Fossil || 
Lace Up Flats: Charlotte Russe (sale alert: buy 1, get one $10! Comes in black too!) || 
Saddle bag cross body: Paper Doll Vintage Boutique, vintage; similar here || Jeggings: Old Navy || Parrot Pin: Savers, thrift find || Hat: H&M, old; similar here

Thursday, October 15, 2015

Dusters For Days

Lightweight, layerable (I know its not a word, buuut...), duster jackets are perfect for the cooler weather ahead!  Especially on a day like today, where the mornings are cool and crisp, but the afternoons are still warm, the duster is great for layering; when it gets warm later in the day, these jackets aren't too heavy where you're going to overheat. 

In honor of my obsession (oops...#sorrynotsorry, but I have three already!), I've done a big ol' round up my dusters, styled. 

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You can pair a duster with pretty much anything and wear them anywhere!

First off, I love the burnt orange color of this H&M duster, it just screams autumn!  Secondly, the shape is so relaxed and flowy that it gives your outfits a cool boho feel.  This one is my favorite and I've paired it with pretty much every type of clothing: jeggings, a dress, a jumpsuit...I just love the ease of it (and it doesn't hurt that it's super comfy either!).

Kim Kardashian-West can do no wrong style-wise; her confidence and risk taking with her outfits is amazing fashion inspiration!  She's also the person who's influenced my love for the duster jacket!  Kim K can rock a duster jacket like no other, and makes it work with any outfit. 

In my own personal styling, I've paired it with my GAP ripped boyfriend jeans and flats (or you can go sophisticated and do heels!), and also with my Old Navy jeggings and lace up flats.  The shape of this particular duster is great because of it's sleek structure; it can be belted or worn open, either way it'll make your outfit instantly chicer. 

This look was great for a girls' night out; not too dressy, but also not too casual: a great middle ground!

Okay, so this one isn't really considered a duster jacket, but it's pretty similar in the way it can be styled in my opinion.

Check out the rest of this post, here! :) 

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