Thursday, October 15, 2015

Dusters For Days

Lightweight, layerable (I know its not a word, buuut...), duster jackets are perfect for the cooler weather ahead!  Especially on a day like today, where the mornings are cool and crisp, but the afternoons are still warm, the duster is great for layering; when it gets warm later in the day, these jackets aren't too heavy where you're going to overheat. 

In honor of my obsession (oops...#sorrynotsorry, but I have three already!), I've done a big ol' round up my dusters, styled. 

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You can pair a duster with pretty much anything and wear them anywhere!

First off, I love the burnt orange color of this H&M duster, it just screams autumn!  Secondly, the shape is so relaxed and flowy that it gives your outfits a cool boho feel.  This one is my favorite and I've paired it with pretty much every type of clothing: jeggings, a dress, a jumpsuit...I just love the ease of it (and it doesn't hurt that it's super comfy either!).

Kim Kardashian-West can do no wrong style-wise; her confidence and risk taking with her outfits is amazing fashion inspiration!  She's also the person who's influenced my love for the duster jacket!  Kim K can rock a duster jacket like no other, and makes it work with any outfit. 

In my own personal styling, I've paired it with my GAP ripped boyfriend jeans and flats (or you can go sophisticated and do heels!), and also with my Old Navy jeggings and lace up flats.  The shape of this particular duster is great because of it's sleek structure; it can be belted or worn open, either way it'll make your outfit instantly chicer. 

This look was great for a girls' night out; not too dressy, but also not too casual: a great middle ground!

Okay, so this one isn't really considered a duster jacket, but it's pretty similar in the way it can be styled in my opinion.

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