Friday, October 2, 2015

Han Solo + WIWW

Fall is by far my favorite season; I love the changing of the leave, the cool temps, sweaters, riding boots, and HALLOWEEN!

I bought this Vince Camuto vest last fall, and I LOVE it!  The quilted detail and the gold and suede give the vest an equestrian feel...which happens to go great with these riding leggings and boots.  I've only ridden a full grown horse once in my life, but I love the sleek, elegant look of equestrian style pieces (I think the leggings with the suede patches on the inner thigh make my legs look thinner, a big ol' plus in my books!).

Basically, I love everything about the equestrian inspired look (that old-world, elegance makes my inner history nerd swoon).

Don't mind the hair change, lol. My hair doesn't take kindly to the rain, so it had to go up into a big ol' bun! 

These Nine West boots are an oldie, but goodie (a Christmas present from my mom a few years ago); they're my number one fall staple.  As soon as the temperature drops, I wear them almost every day until the temperatures go back up again.

A good pair of riding boots are definitely a great investment piece because you can wear them everyday of fall and even winter!  They give your fall outfits a little more of a polished feel.

I was looking through the pictures today and found this gem. It was raining this morning when we took this and a gust of rain hit me right in the face, I swear I wasn't having a tantrum or anything, haha!

So if you needed a good laugh today, here's a blooper that I just had to share with you guys because it was waaaaay to funny to keep hidden in my phone.  I've been showing it to all my friends because frankly, I'm hilarious, haha.

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