Tuesday, October 13, 2015

Horsing Around + WIWW

Guys I think I found my power outfit!

My major in college (go Red Dragons!), was history, and I think my love of history has influenced my love for fashion as well.  What I mean is that, some of my pieces are reminiscent of the past, but I like to put a modern twist on it.  For example, I'm really digging the equestrian look for fall (the two go hand-in-hand perfectly!); the aristocratic, old time elegance and style of the equestrian look is the perfect blend of history and fashion!  I don't know why or how, but this look just gives me so much confidence!

I feel so freakin' dapper in this outfit, like I should be at a polo match with a glass of champagne in my hand (and shouldn't every day feel like that? hahaha).

Warning: this blazer causes feelings of awesomeness; you'll be seeing this blazer many more times between now and spring time!

I scored this Ralph Lauren blazer from my favorite vintage shop, Paper Doll Vintage Boutique. They had a huge yard sale going on at the shop, and I happened to find this blazer on one of the back racks while I was waiting for my sister to get out of work (she works nearby); if my sister had come to the store earlier than she did I don't think I would've ever spotted this beauty!  When I did see it, I saw that it was a size 8 and I got a little sad because I'm usually a 10 or 12, but I figured I'd try it anyways (cuz why not???); when I put it on I was more than pleasantly surprised that it fit--and it fit amazingly!!!  I felt so good putting it on, because I didn't think it would fit me (isn't that the worst, finding something you fall in love with and then it doesn't fit?!), but it actually fit like a glove and looked good on me! :D

I wish it was fall all year round, just so I can wear my riding boots every day!

These aviators are the only ones I've ever actually liked on my face... and I've tried on a whole lot!  I found them while I was waiting on line one day at Old Navy (that's how they get you!  ...and I'm a sucker lol), and when I tried them on I'm pretty sure I could hear angels singing.  Anyone else feel that way when you try something on and it's so magically because it feels like it was made just for you?  

This pose reminds me of Captain Morgan...but my sister insisted (what the photographer says, goes, lol), haha.

Blazer: Lauren by Ralph Lauren (found at Paper Doll Vintage Boutique) || Sunnies: Old Navy find, can't get online, but similar here + here! || White popover: Old Navy || Leggings: Marshalls find, last fall; similar here || Riding Boots: Nine West (Christmas gift from mama), similar here 

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