Monday, October 19, 2015

Negative Space + #manicuremonday

Even though I've picked up a second job, and could now afford to go get my nails done, I love doing my own nails!  Not only can you save tons of money (a regular mani on Long Island can be around $20, and if you have acrylic, it could be around $50 if you have to get a fill in too!), plus I love the sense of accomplishment when people are surprised to find out I did my nails myself!

You can use a lot of things that you have laying around your house to create an awesome mani.  My favorite go-to?  Scotch tape!  You can get so creative with your nail art using plain old tape.

Using: Essie 'Tuck It in My Tux' + 'Devil's Advocate'

1.  Nail prep:  Remove all old nail polish, push back and cut cuticles if needed, cut and shape nails (I like to rinse off my hands to get any left over polish remover off and dust from filing my nails my nails to ensure a smoother, nicer looking mani).  Apply a base coat (just 1; too many layers and your nails will chip quicker!).

2.  After everything is completely dry (not even tacky to the touch), cut 20 strips of tape for the stripes (I had to use packing tape because for some mysterious reason we had absolutely no more scotch tape in the house, lol; but I'd suggest regular scotch tape); better to pre-cut beforehand than as you go because you'll wind up ruining your manicure (nothing ruins a mani like having to start all over again).

3. Likewise, it's easier to put all the tape for the first stripe on at the same time.  Place one strip of tape on each nail on a diagonal.  Always use the lightest shade of the two, first.  Paint two coats of polish and let dry completely.  Peel off the tape, and make sure first color is completely dry before moving on to the second color (otherwise when you pull the tape up, the first color will be pulled up with it).

4.  Now, place tape in the opposite direction, also on a diagonal, of the first stripe.  Using the second, darker shade, paint two coats and let dry.

5. You can stop here, after you put on the top coat.  Oooor, you can continue on to add a little bit of edginess and sparkle!

6. Add a drop of nail glue or clear polish towards your cuticle (in the center), and place one stud (so that one of the corners points up, like a diamond), and cover with a clear coat (I like to cover all the sides too, for extra hold).  Repeat for each nail, and voila!

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