Sunday, December 14, 2014

Stellar Manicure

Half-moon manicures are hands down my favorite style to get.  But I have to admit, they're a pain to DIY.  Nevertheless, as an avid Pinner, I've found that using sticker rings (the ones you would use to keep binder paper from ripping) seems to work.  Unlucky for me, I couldn't find any, therefore, I improvised--with smiley face stickers from Dollar Tree!

They worked perfectly!  :)

Here's what you'll need:

  • round stickers (the dollar store always has some)
  • silver nail polish
  • base coat and top coat
  • colored nail studs
  • nail glue
  • tweezers

1. Start off with your base coat.  One coat is good; let it dry completely.
2. Once your base coat is completely dry, press on the stickers (it's important that everything is dry, otherwise the stickers will peel off your base coat).

Make sure the stickers are pressed down firmly; to keep nail polish from leaking under and ruining your crisp line.
For my thumb I overlapped three stickers, so that the half-moon is proportional to the other nails.
3. Apply two coats of the silver polish and let dry completely.  Again, this is super important.  If you peel off the stickers before the polish is completely dry, it'll get smudged or peeled off.
With the stickers, you can paint right over them!  Super easy!
Ta-da!  Nice, crisp, half-moons.  For a more classic look (maybe use a red polish), you can stop here and apply a top coat.
4. Next step, applying the studs.  I used colored studs because they pop really well on a silver background.  Right above the half-moon line, place two drops of nail glue.  I placed the bigger stud right above the line, then the smaller stud right above that one (I used a tiny bit of nail glue to pick up the stud and place it on the nail).

5. Use the tweezers or a wax pencil to gently press down on the studs, then apply nail glue around the edges of the studs.  Finish with a top coat (which will also smooth out the glue).

To decorate, use nail studs.  You can find these on Amazon for practically nothing (no more than $5).

6. Voila!  Another easy manicure!  :)

This manicure was actually much more simpler to do thanks to the stickers!  Check out some other manicure DIYs! ('What A Stud', 'Good As Gold''Tape It', 'Star Studded')

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