Friday, November 14, 2014

Tape It

Scotch tape isn't just for paperwork and gift wrapping anymore!  Now, it's for your nails. For those of us who are straight line challenged when it comes to nail art, a bit of tape does the trick!

What you'll need:
  • scotch tape
  • nail polish of choice (I used Essie "wrapped in rubies")
  • nail glue
  • nail studs (you can find them on Amazon for cheap)
  • wax pencil (again, Amazon)
  • optional: tweezers (it's easier to press down the studs with a pair of tweezers)

1.  Base coat (let dry completely, you don't want the tape sticking and pulling up your base coat).

2.  Place tape over nails (I do one hand at a time).  The amount of natural nail you want showing is completely up to you (I chose a little less than half to show).  Make sure to smooth over any bubbles and gaps in the tape so that the polish goes on smoothly and doesn't leak under the tape (you don't want to ruin the crisp lines of the tape).

3.  Starting on the first hand, paint your first coat (let dry completely; I waited 10 minutes).  Paint second coat when the first dries.  Make sure the polish is completely dry before you peel off the tape.  (Trust me.  I've tried this before and peeled off the tape after only 3 or 4 minutes, only to peel off half of my polish--no bueno).

4.  Repeat steps 1-3 on the other hand.
Oops.  Didn't even notice this until AFTER I finished doing my nails.  Safe to say, next time I'll double check the tape before I paint.

5.  Next step: studs! Place a dot of nail glue right above the natural nail (so that it's on the polish).  Place stud on glue, press down firmly but gently (if you press too hard the stud tends to slip out of place).  Cover the stud completely with another drop of nail glue, then apply your top coat (applying right after allows you to smooth out the glue so that it doesn't bubble or get bumpy).  Let dry completely.

6. Voila!  You've got a chicly-edgy mani that's perfect for the holidays!  :)

Despite the time it took, waiting for things to dry, this manicure was actually quite easy to do!  You can mix it up, instead of polish and natural nail, you can also use two polishes!

Happy polishing y'all!!  :)

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