Monday, November 17, 2014

Ampersand & Arrow DIY

Every now and again I get "Pin-spired", but it's extremely rare that I actually make anything that I pin.  But this DIY project is so ridiculously easy (and cheap) that I just HAD to craft it!

You'll only need three things:
A canvas (the one I used was about 16x20")
A pencil
Flat top thumb tacks (I found some pretty gold ones at Dollar Tree.  They came in packs of 300, I used 2 1/2 packs)

Draw your design onto the canvas with pencil.  I chose this ampersand/arrow design.  I drew the "stick figure" first (a rough sketch), to get a feel of how big I wanted the design and to make sure I had enough room on the canvas.

After I sketched the "stick figure", I filled it out more, kind of like how you learned to make bubble letters way back in elementary school.  

Once you've got everything sketched out, time for the thumb tacks.  You just push them right into the canvas (overlapping them will keep them more stable and less likely to fall out or loosen).  To keep everything neat and somewhat uniform I put the tacks into the canvas in rows.  Depending on how big your canvas and design is will determine how long it takes to complete the project (and whether or not you run out of tacks, like I did).

Beware of pencil smudges!  If it does happen (like to me, lol), no biggie!  Nothing an eraser can't handle.

In total, the project took me about an hour (plus my fifteen minute trip back to the Dollar Tree because I ran out of tacks just before I was finished.  You'll probably want to get three boxes of the tacks to be safe).  And price wise I only spent $3! My sister already had a canvas I was able to use. If you don't have a spare lying around, craft stores like Michael's always have coupons (like 50% off one regular priced item) in the paper (that's the best time to stock up). 

This project is super easy and is a great way to add some quick decor to a room or even as a gift (hint, hint: holidays are just around the corner)!

Happy crafting!! :)

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