Thursday, November 20, 2014

Gift Guide: For the Starbucks Enthusiast

We all know at least one person who loves Starbucks, like really loves the place.  They go there everyday and get "the usual".  What better way to spoil them this holiday season than with a brand new mug/tumbler paired with a bag of their favorite coffee/tea from Starbucks?  It's an easy gift that will definitely be appreciated (and you know it'll get used).

Starbucks mugs and tumblers from their Dot Collection are perfectly affordable for any present budget.  These are a few of my favorites from the collection:

Beetle : I love the scarab design with the tile-like pattern filling the shape.
Cheveron: Do I even need to say anything but, chevron?  (Well that, and emerald and gold are perfect for the holidays!)
Russian Nesting Doll: It's super chic with the gold and silver color palette, but also funky with the nesting doll pattern.
Why should the plaid craze stop at your wardrobe?
And this all black matte tumbler?  Pairs perfectly with the LBD.

Bottoms up!  :)

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