Wednesday, November 5, 2014

Busy Bee

I used to shop at Claire's ALL THE TIME when I was younger. When I got older I discovered the more grown up version: Icing

Now, every time I hit the mall I always make sure to pop into Icing. They have great accessories that are on trend and affordable (my wallet thanks you guys over at Claire's & Icing).  And recently I've snagged a few pairs of earrings that are to die for, that I wanted to share with you guys:

I absolutely love my Bumblebee studs!  They're kind of quirky, yet easily chic.

Double Pearl.  Double the pearl, double the fun and always classic.
Anchors away!
While I was searching the Icing website for the earrings I already had, I came across a pair that I absolutely must have!  (Friday is payday and I know exactly what I'm buying first.  *hint, hint* it's the earrings below!)

#hashtag; These would make the perfect Christmas gift for that blogger in your life!

P.S. They're also having an amazing sale going on right now (up to 80% off!!) so now's the time to scoop up some sparkly pieces to brighten up your winter (which'll be here before you know it) or some early Christmas shopping!  :)

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