Tuesday, April 28, 2015

Weekly Pin-spirations 4/29

Another week, another round up of my weekly pin-spirations (although truthfully, I could probably do this everyday!  LOL)

I've got a little bit of fashion inspiration and a little bit of foodie fare. Usually when I pin I start with one thing and after some time I wind up in a completely different spot!

Emma Watson makes going to the airport in sweats look so effortlessly chic! I'm jumping on this bandwagon and if this entire outfit could just magically appear in my closet, that'd be great!

Check out my post, here, for the Save vs. Splurge for this outfit (my finds are a fraction of the originals!)!  (And, here, for some more jogger options!)

Insects have never looked so chic and fashionable before!  Seriously, how cute is this print?

I'm a sucker for boat shoes (I have about 5 pairs already and I'm not even a little bit sorry about it)!  They have a bunch of different colors, and I'm completely hooked on the coral ones!

I'm always the only one who gets noodles at hibachi. There's always a huge pile of fried rice for everyone else and then, off to the side is my little pile of noodles. And I don't even care because hibachi noodles are absolutely heavenly. And now that I've found this pin, teaching me how to make them, I'm much more eager to learn how to cook like an adult. 

If I'm not craving hibachi, I'm most likely craving bruschetta. And I'll admit, I'm a bit of a bruschetta snob. I like when the toast is thick, crunchy on the outside, chewy on the inside, and the balsamic has soaked the bread. 

You can follow along for all my other pin-spirations here!

What were your favorite pins this week?

You Are the Pine-Apple of My Eye!

Pineapples (especially in sunglasses) are still definitely a major trend; and I'm totally okay with that.  It's cute, it's fun, and when the picture's been taken you can turn it into a pool drink or a tasty snack!  Inspired by this trend are a lot of pineapple accessories, clothing, decor, you name it!  I've rounded up a few of my favorite picks (thank you Pinterest!) to share with you guys!

This lamp is made out of plastic spoons and plastic bottle!  Can you believe it?!

This is definitely my next iPhone case for sure; I love the mix of playful prints and the color palette!  (Plus it's only $20.25 and you can get it for the iPhone or Samsung Galaxy)

Waaaaay better than your ordinary (and boring) wine cork.

And what goes better with your pineapple bottle stopper than a matching stemless wine glass?

I would wear this with all of my sun dresses!

I love the print and the pom poms together; it's so fun!

Nice, bright statement shoes that are also comfortable (it's a win win!)!

This Anthropologie Pina Lace top is definitely a splurge piece; but there's no shame in the mantra: "Treat yo self"!

What do you guys think of the pineapple craze?

Sunday, April 26, 2015

iPhone 6 Cases...under $50

I admit, I like to change my iPhone case, like I change shoes.  All the time.  I can't help myself, with so many cute cases out there it's hard to stick with just one!

Case Mate | 24 Karat Gold case | $50
The gold flecks in lucite is luxe and totally cool.  What I like about this case is the 3-D aspect, and that it's not just printed on.

Etsy | Sprinkles | $28.50

Etsy | Pineapple Moon | $20.25
ban.do | I Am Very Busy case | $26

Casetify | Anemones + Rose | $40

Casetify | Breakfast at Tiffany's | $40

Check out this post (here) from a while back that also features some awesome cases!

What cases are you rocking?

Sick Day Adventures

This weekend I just had to get out of bed and get some fresh air.  Nothing's better when you're sick than some fresh air...and a bit of shopping (Old Navy has the best clearance and sales).

Here's what I found in store that's also available online:
Sleeveless Embellished Top (I got mine in 'flaming tulip')
I love the color and detail in this top!  It's bright, and the fabric is nice and light, which is perfect for layering in spring, and for the hot weather in summer.

Bless the person who made joggers chic enough to dress up and wear anywhere (like errands or to work)--seriously, high fives, y'all deserve an award.  And who gets an award for rocking joggers so effortlessly and totally deserving of style envy?  Emma Watson.  Check out my post, here, to see how she styled her joggers (and for the broke girl's look alikes).

The clearance racks always, always have hidden gems.  Anywhere.  Whenever I go shopping I make a beeline for the sales section.  At Old Navy, for example, I got pants and dresses that normally go for around $30-$45 for only $10 a piece!  So, don't ignore the clearance section, because you definitely don't know what you'll find (same can be applied to thrifting, but that's for another post)!

While I was Old Navy, I finally found a pair of aviators that actually flatter my face!  I can't even tell you how many pairs I've tried on (the limit does not exist...because it's really been that many).  Usually they're awkwardly too small, or the shape is just weird and doesn't work with the shape of my head.

Unfortunately, Old Navy doesn't have as wide of a sunnies selection online as they do in store (*frowny face* here).  But, you can find similar ones at Forever21, here.  If aviators aren't your thing, check out my post, here, that has my different picks for summer sunnies!

Our other stop, was Trader Joe's.  Now if you don't know what that is, it's like a Whole Foods, but on a smaller scale.  They have all sorts of tasty treats there (I love the mochi ice cream bites and the mushroom truffle raviolis!).  I've only been one other time before, so I liked just seeing all the different foods they have (I love to eat, so this little outing was perfect!).

Obligatory blogger with pineapple post!

If you have a Trader Joe's nearby, go pick up the Watermelon Cucumber Cooler.  It's amazing!  It's not overly sweet and tart, it's just right.  You could drink it as is, or use as a mixer for the perfect summer drink!

And if you head over to Trader Joe's website, they even have a variety of recipes!
Fried Raviolis with Creamy Marinara (I could eat fried raviolis all day)
Leek and Bacon Egg Tottins (these look like the perfect brunch food!)
Gnocchi with Bacon & Brussel Sprouts (I love all three of these things!)
Dairy Free Maple Bacon Cheesecake (Salty and sweet?  Yes please!)

Later in the day, I also tried my hand at a fishtail braid...and then my arms got tired lol. Not too bad for a first time (plus, I can just pass it off as a messy braid look!).
I used this easy tutorial, inspired by Blake Lively's Age of Adaline movie, here, on Pinterest!  I honestly didn't think that fishtail braids were this easy, but I can proudly say I now know how to do one!

Sunday was very relaxed.
I stopped by Target, just to get out and move around a little.

I use the shopkick app, which is awesome!  You earn 'kicks' by scanning certain items (kind of like a scavenger hunt), and when you've earned enough kicks you can turn them into gift cards.  I shop at Target a lot, so I turn my kicks into Target gift cards.  Today I earned enough for a $10 gift card.  I found the best two toned flats on sale for $14.98, and then used the gift card.  So I only spent $4.98 on these super cute shoes that normally are $30!

I would definitely download the shopkick app and give it a shot!  It only takes a few seconds, and you earn kicks while you're out doing your errands or shopping at the mall, so why not earn towards some gift cards?!  Use my link to sign up (it's compatible with Apple or Android, so everyone wins!): http://get.shopkick.com/line42278.

Oh, and how cute is this Kate Spade Maise look-alike (and at $27, it's over $200 cheaper!)?! Get it online, here!

How was everyone else's weekend?!

Friday, April 24, 2015

Travel Style Inspo: Emma Watson

I'm still sick unfortunately (*insert frowny face here*), and it's the weekend (*add another frowny face* because who wants to be sick on the weekend?).  Buuuut, as a new blogger, I'm trying to be better with posting more frequently.

I'm keeping it short because I have a nasty headache and fever, but I just had to share this particular pin that I found: Emma Watson's latest travel outfit.  I've always been a fan of Emma Watson for years now (I'm a proud Harry Potter fan);   and now, she's definitely one of my style inspirations.

This airport look is such an easy outfit to put together, and so effortlessly chic!  I love this look because first of all, I love blazers, and secondly because she paired her's with stripes.

Picture from Refinery29
I'm not a huge sweatpants person anymore (I used to be a phys. ed. major in college for a couple of semesters, so I was always in work out clothes).  But I am a fan of the casual chic track pants that are going on now.  It's all the comforts of sweatpants, but with the structure and style of a pair of trousers. 

I've put together the links for all of the original pieces that Emma Watson actually wore, and then after some searching, I have look alike pieces that are well under what the originals cost.

Original pieces: 

Shopbop | SMYTHE Cut Out Blazer ($695)
Net-A-Porter | Tibi Bibelot crepe track pants ($285)
Farfetch | Theory Horizontal Stripe T-Shirt ($87)
Net-A-Porter | Tabitha Simmons Vera leather point-toe flats ($675)
Ray-Ban | Original Wayfarer Classic ($155)

Look-alike pieces: 

Nordstrom | Calson Stripe relaxed tee (on sale for $17!)
Nordstrom | Mel by Melissa 'Pitanga' Ankle strap flats ($48)
Old Navy | Classic Blazer (on sale for $35!) | (I have this same blazer in navy and it is super comfy!)
Forever21 | Classic Wayfarer Sunglasses (definitely can't beat $4!)
Old Navy | Striped Jersey Pants (on sale for $15!  They're striped, but hardly look like it, and look more like solid black/dark grey!)
Nordstrom | Trouve Side Stripe Track Pants ($85)

What do you guys think of this travel outfit?

*p.s. check out my other style inspiration, Kate Middleton, here!

Wednesday, April 22, 2015

Weekly Pin-spirations

Today's been a typical sick (insert sad face) day: home early from work, change into sweats, in bed with ginger ale, and scrolling through Instagram (check out my feed here) and Pinterest (and my feed here) when I'm not sleeping.  So I've rounded up my favorite Pins from today to share with y'all!

When I saw this Nasty Gal dress, I knew I needed it. I'm a major fan of the confetti-like polka dots (and the colorful pom poms are the icing on the cake!)!

When I finally move into an apartment (coming soon!) I just know that I'll need these DIY tumblers for my dream bar cart!  Simple, fun, and they look look pretty easy to accomplish!  

And I think I'll definitely have to give this a go with some mason jars as well!

How cute is this Kate Spade-inspired DIY?  This is definitely the top of my DIY to-do list!

I've wanted to try some sort of faux-hawk hair style forever!  Except I never really saw a style I liked enough that was both edgy and girly--this one is totally it though (*two thumbs up*).

I'm totally #TEAMKATE (she's my style icon).  And Kate Middleton memes?  Can't have enough.  (I'm also a fan of Lorde's "Royals" as well).

I'm drooling over this dining room.  I love all the details, and the walls of books?!  It's like something out of my childhood Disney princess dreams.  It's exactly what my dream office would look like.

I'd like a pair in every color, and varying monogram styles please!  Seriously, how much fun are these Converse?  These are from Etsy store RobynBobbinMonograms, and they're now on my shoe wish list!

What are some of your favorite pins this week?

Tuesday, April 21, 2015

It's Gonna Be A Bright, Bright, Sunshiny Day!

Spring is finally here!  I am beyond excited that the cold, dark winter is finally behind us. I'm much more of a warm weather girl, so naturally shopping for spring/summer is my jam (although I love shopping any season, lol). And with all this sunshine ahead of us, you're going to need some pretty awesome sunnies to shade your eyes.

I put together a little wish list of perfect not-your-average-sunnies to share with you guys:

Kate Spade | Genette
Sole Society | Vivian
Sole Society | Annalynne
Sole Society | Sandy

Sole Society | Brandy
Sole Society | Marlene

Which sunnies are on your list?

Sunday, April 19, 2015

Lilly Pulitzer for Target is here!!

The day that we've all been waiting for has finally arrived and everyone is super excited, including me!  I'll be honest, I've never been able to afford a majority of Lilly Pulitzer pieces (*insert sad face here*), so when the collaboration with Target was announced I was thrilled!  I have found some Lilly items when I go thrifting, but that's always so far and few between (and then most of the time it's not even my size, womp...).

But now I (and all my fellow budget shoppers) can finally own some Lilly (without the sting of the price tag).  

Here's what at the top of my list for my shopping trip:

Push-up halter bikini top and high waisted bottom in My Fans ($24.99 each)
Gold plated wine toppers with corkscrew (set of 4--$20)

I didn't get to shop the first day of the Lilly for Target collection, but that doesn't mean I'm not going ASAP (aka payday, lol).

Check out more of my favorites, here, from when the Lookbook first came out! :)

Tuesday, April 14, 2015

Manicure: Sprinkles

This post is a day late for Manicure Monday, buuuuuut, better late than never (plus I didn't want to wait a whole week to post this!)!  This nail art is inspired by one of my latest pins: a sprinkles manicure!
Photo: Pinterest

1.  I painted a single coat of my base coat, using Sally Hansen's Triple Strong.

2.  Two coats of Essie's Topless and Barefoot (allow for some dry time between coats, this will give you a more even finish).

3.  Time for the sprinkles!  I used a nail art specific nail polish brush with a nice thin brush (I got it at Dollar Tree!); make sure you wipe off all the polish from the brush (tissue's fine) before dipping into any other colors.  

These are the colors I used (I tried to stay as close as I could to the colors used in the pin):

  • White: Sally Hansen Hard Nails Extreme "White On"
  • Orange: Sally Hansen Insta-Dry "Man-go Team!"
  • Blue: Probelle "Into the Blue"
  • Pink: Julie "Damsel"
  • Green: Sinful Colors "Garden Party"
4.  Depending on your nail length, the amount of "sprinkles" you'll paint on will vary.  My nails are pretty short right now so I only did about 2-3 of each color on each nail.  The great thing about this manicure is that you don't have to be perfect!  (Just make sure there isn't too much of the nail polish on the brush, otherwise it'll blob up or run)

  • quick tip: Do all your nails the same color sprinkle at the same time, instead of doing each nail all the colors at once.  Don't be a hero and just make your life easier, lol.

5.  Once all the "sprinkles" have dried, apply your top coat, and voila!  All done!

Doesn't look exactly like the pin, but I'm proud to say it still looks pretty darn good!  :)

I've got an entire Pinterest board dedicated to manicures/nail art I'm dying to try (or wishing I could even attempt...seriously, some of these people have to be wizards or something!)!  Check out my board here:

Or check out my own manicure DIYs:
Shamrocks and Studs

Anyone else attempt manis they've pinned on Pinterest?  :)