Monday, April 13, 2015

Style Inspo: Kate Middleton

Every girl wants to look like a princess; unfortunately most of us don't have the budget to do so (my wallet and I are pretty sad about it).  Enter, Kate Middleton, Duchess of Cambridge (and momma to the oh-so-adorable, Prince George).  Kate's style is actually attainable!  And *gasp*, like the rest of us, she wears things more than once!  She really is the people's princess.

I wish I could make a ponytail look so glamorous (but I have been getting pretty good at achieving some killer curls--check out my post, here, for the tutorial I use!)!  Her style is super effortless with a wardrobe full of classic pieces like: crisp button ups, skinny jeans, striped tops, tailored blazers, and simple wedges.

(Similar) GAP 1969 Resolution true skinny high-rise jeans ($100 less than Kate's!)
(Similar) J. Crew Schoolboy Blazer (25% off with code 'SHOPNOW')
(Similar) Three-quarter sleeve Football Tee (25% off with code 'SHOPNOW')

Seraphine Black Turtleneck Vanessa dress (only $99, you can't beat originals that are also actually affordable too!)
(Similar) Disco Station necklace set (on sale, $6.99!)

If I could have one person's wardrobe magically copied and pasted into my own, Kate Middleton is at the very tippy-top of my list at #1 (I really love blazers, and the color navy, and stripes, and...well you guys get the idea)!

And on a side note, has anyone else been inspired by the Duchess to want to rock a fascinator (I know I can't be the only one, lol)?  I've never been to any events that would require (or were fancy enough) to wear one, but if I ever do, I have plenty of inspiration!

P.S. I'm really hoping I get to wear one (...or five, because I'll have a hard time choosing just one!), one day.

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Check out the rest of my Kate Middleton Style Inspo on my Pinterest (here).

What do you guys think of Kate Middleton's style?  :)

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