Monday, April 6, 2015

Four Eyes

One of my recent accessories are my glasses.  I've had glasses for a while now (about 7 years or so), but when I went for an eye exam recently my prescription went up...  So now I've got to get new lenses.  But I like changing things up (nail color, iPhone cases, dying my get the hint), so I'm in the market for new frames as well.  The ones I have now are tortoise with gold--classic, with a twist.  This time around I'm looking for something that makes more of a statement (I think it's the blogger in me, lol).  I want something bright, fun, and not just your standard, run-of-the-mill glasses.

I've compiled a list of some of my favorite frames (in order) from and Warby Parker, to help me narrow down my choices.

These frames are my number one pick!  I'm in love with the glitter, and they definitely stand out.  The pink ones are the fun, bold look I'm going for!  But the gold reminds me of champagne and totally goes with everything (gold is a neutral in my book, and glitter too!).

Colored tortoise?  Yes please!  These are another favorite of mine!  I was actually able to try these frames on at the Warby Parker store (see this post!) and loved the color and shape of these frames on my face!
Warby Parker has the new Basso collection, and it's so cool because it takes classic looks and gives them a unique twist.  Like these Winston frames with traditional tortoise, but with gold accents outlining the frames.  They remind me on the frames I have now, traditional and cool.  Definitely make the list!

The emerald green is still classic, but as a nice twist.  Plus, the rounder frames are a change from the more rectangular shape of the frames I have now.

These frames don't stand out, but I just love tortoise anything!

Can a girl have too much pink?  Absolutely not!  These frames are just the right pop of pink for any outfit.  Plus, I'm a fan of the slight cat-eye shape of these ones.

What are your favorite picks?

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