Wednesday, April 8, 2015

Weekly Pin-spirations

No lie, I'm on Pinterest all the time...after Instagram it's probably my most used app.  I can't get enough (I have 73 boards and I'm not even sorry about it).  I think it's because I like making lists, and to me, Pinterest is essentially a bunch of lists, in different categories, with pictures.  It's a gold mine of inspiration and life hacks that you would never have thought of.

It's also like a giant wish list of things that you want in your closet right now, or things you want in the future.

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Here are four of my favorite pins from this week (...maybe more like this

When I was younger I always wanted a Polaroid camera (still kinda  I first saw the Fujifilm Instax Mini cameras sometime last year and instantly made it to my wish list.  Seeing these cameras makes me want to get one with a ton of film and go on an adventure, like they seem to do in movies or music videos.

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All I can say is, how freaking cute are these baby moccasins?!  While there's no baby plans in the immediate future, I just can't help gush over adorable baby things!  Does anyone else think that fashion is so much cuter in mini form?

This weekend I'm getting my hair done, so of course I've been doing some major research.  I'm looking to lighten my ombre, and make the color a little less reddish and more of a cooler blonde.  I'm super excited!  And there's nothing quite like the feeling after you've just gotten your hair done!  When I get my hair done I feel like a brand new person; it's a nice confidence boost.

I think I could wear this outfit everyday if I could.  First of all, I love stripes.  And paired with a cool pair of jeans and some Converse?  I'm sold. (And if you read this post, you know one of my latest fashion faves is boyfriend jeans!)

What are some of your favorite pins this week? :)

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