Sunday, April 26, 2015

iPhone 6 Cases...under $50

I admit, I like to change my iPhone case, like I change shoes.  All the time.  I can't help myself, with so many cute cases out there it's hard to stick with just one!

Case Mate | 24 Karat Gold case | $50
The gold flecks in lucite is luxe and totally cool.  What I like about this case is the 3-D aspect, and that it's not just printed on.

Etsy | Sprinkles | $28.50

Etsy | Pineapple Moon | $20.25 | I Am Very Busy case | $26

Casetify | Anemones + Rose | $40

Casetify | Breakfast at Tiffany's | $40

Check out this post (here) from a while back that also features some awesome cases!

What cases are you rocking?

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