Sunday, December 21, 2014

Happy Holidays

It's #manicuremonday, and this week I worked on a special holiday half-moon manicure, because lately, I'm pretty much Team Half-Moon all day, everyday; but, this can totally work as a regular manicure too!

What You'll Need:
1. Base Coat (I used Sally Hansen's "Miracle nail thickener")
2. Red polish (I used Essie's "Wrapped in Ruby", it has a gold undertone that's super festive and perfect for Christmas!)
3. Green polish (I used Sinful Colors "Garden Party")
4. Gold polish (I used Nicole by O.P.I. "On A Gilt Trip")
5. Top coat
6. Nail glue
7. Tape
8. Round stickers (I found little smiley face stickers at Dollar Tree)
9. Nail crystals (relatively small and you can find them on Amazon for practically nothing)
10. Nail art brush (I used the brush from a bottle of nail art polish

1. Apply base coat.

2. After your base coat dries completely, apply the stickers to your nails (except on your ring fingers).  Make sure to firmly press down so that there aren't any gaps where the polish could leak under.

I found that for my thumbs I need a few stickers, overlapping, to make the half-moon.

3.  Apply two coats of your red polish.

4. Cut a piece of tape in two, and stick on at an angle so that the two pieces form a triangle (make sure that the triangle is wide enough so that you are able to fit the nail crystals).  Like the stickers, make sure there are no gaps under the tape so that the nail polish doesn't leak under (you want nice crisp lines!).

5. Make sure that the polish is completely dried before removing the tape.  If it's still a little tacky the polish could get smudged or pulled up (as you can see, the top of my tree is a little lopsided...oops).

6. Using the brush from a nail art polish (make sure you wipe the brush clean first), I used the gold polish to paint along the edge half moon.

7. Last but not least, using the nail glue, cover the green polish with nail glue, then take a wax pencil or tweezers and place the nail jewels to "decorate the tree".  Then go back over the jewels with more nail glue, followed by the top coat (apply top coat to rest of nails as well).

Voila!  This manicure was super easy to do, and not-too-cheesy of a holiday mani.
Happy holidays y'all! :)

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