Thursday, December 4, 2014

What's In My Bag? : (Day) Road Trip

Today's a day where most of my time will be spent sitting in the car.  A total of about 7-ish hours round trip.  Whenever I have to grab my bag and go I always make sure I'm extra prepared before I leave the house.  I have a tendency to overpack (#sorrynotsorry), but I make sure to carry the essentials (if it's not me, it's someone else who needs it).

Chapstick/Lipstick: either chapped lips or touch ups (for those early morning coffees or afternoon lunch dates), one of them is bound to happen during the course of a super busy day!  I'm loving the Eos chapsticks, they're so cute and smell great!  As for lipstick, I just switch it out according to whatever I put on that morning. 

Extra eyeliner: Sometimes your cateye just needs to be touched up ;)

Medicine: usually that's just some ibuprofen for headaches, but right now everyone is sick, including me.  So cough drops are a must... and tissues, even when I'm not sick, someone always seems to need one (better safe than sorry!).

Band-Aids: I always carry a few spares in my wallet (blistered heels and what-not).

Wallet (a recent find from Marshalls): holds everything: cards, ID, library card (though I work there, and don't really need to carry it, I've had it in every wallet I've owned since I got it as a kid), coupons, rewards cards, Band-Aids, even more bobby pins, money, etc.  Next to my phone; my wallet has it all.

Keys: house keys, car keys, more rewards cards (I always love a good deal, so I have a rewards card for everywhere).  All necessary.

Glasses: I don't need to wear them all the time (mostly reading and driving), but it's so nice to be able to see clearly all the time, so when my eyes are tired, these go on.

iPhone: My life.  Everything is on it.  And I admit, I LOVE to post things on Instagram as they happen!  Plus a fully charged phone is great entertainment (and handy when you actually need to call someone--or GPS your way around a new town)!

Phone charge: self explanatory (I make sure I have both my wall and car adaptors on hand).  Even if my phone has a full charge, I always bring along my charger!

Headphones: I love that my headphones can also free up my hands with its built-in microphone (I find that it also helps cancel out some of the background noises when you're in a busy area).

Hand sanitizer: Nothing is worse than sticky hands with no bathroom in sight.

Gum: someone always needs a piece.  Plus, chewing a piece of gum always seems to calm my nerves (I chewed a whole lot during my road test, lol), and mint soothes an upset stomach.

Bobby pins and hair ties:  I always feel a little naked without a hair tie on my wrist, and there's something about having some extra bobby pins on hand that makes me feel more prepared to leave the house, lol.

All my little odds and ends (bobby pins, hand sanitizer, charger, etc) I keep in one of my ipsy bags to keep everything organized; it's the perfect size and doesn't take up too much space in my purse.

What do y'all need in your bags?  :)

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