Monday, October 20, 2014

Star Studded

Okay, so I'm totally obsessed with nail studs (it can't be helped, see my other studded manis, here and here).  I'm even more in love when it's combined with a matte (you can buy the nail color already as matte or you can get a matte topcoat). I personally prefer the matte topcoat because you can then turn ALL of your pretty polishes into matte polishes (for all my fellow broke girls trying to stretch a dollar, lol).  I have the N.Y.C. brand matte and it's amazing on both my nails and my wallet).

Rings are Forever 21 and H&M.

This manicure was super easy to do!  After you paint your nails as you usually would, instead of using your regular top coat, apply a coat of the matte instead.  That's it, super simple!  And if you want to add the studs, just apply a dab of nail glue and carefully (and firmly) apply a stud (these star studs are an Amazon find--only about $2 for a bunch!).  Sometimes I add a little extra glue around the edges and then apply some of the matte topcoat over the glue (try to avoid the actual stud, unless you want that matte too) so that the glue isn't shiny against the matte.

Happy Manicure Monday y'all!  :)

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