Thursday, October 29, 2015

Easy Peasy Halloween

...using stuff you already have in your closet!

Last year I was Mary Poppins for work (I work at a library), and then I was also Black Widow for going out at night (nice and warm for a chilly October night, and I had most of the stuff in my closet).

This year I'm doing two costumes again: one for the day (babysitting and work), and one for the night (going out with friends) (because how can anyone pick just one costume when Halloween's only once a year?!).

For the daytime I'm going as Cat Woman (which is essentially my DIY Black Widow costume from last year, just tweaked).  Black Widow, or Cat Woman are super duper easy to put together last minute (like even day of, easy!).  This year I'm working at my newest job, Aerie, annnnd babysitting, so I know that I'll want to be comfortable and able to run around easily (and don't forget, work appropriate).

Both costumes are the same outfit; the only difference is the change in accessories!

For Cat Woman, I just used an old, plain black cat mask that I'll wear on my head (kinda like those glasses Ann Hathaway wears in the Dark Knight Rises).

For Black Widow I switched out the cat mask for a DIY'ed belt buckle, which I made out of red and black foam, to look like the back of a black widow spider (which took all of two seconds to make!).

Black Widow/Cat Woman is made up of work out clothes; you can't get any more comfier than that (or warmer!).  And even better, they're pieces that you can wear long after Halloween's over (score!)!  All you need is a pair of black OTK (over the knee) boots, black leggings (mine are a LC Kohl's clearance find, half-leather, half-cotton find), black workout zip up, chunky black belt (with DIY belt buckle safety-pinned to the front if you're going as Black Widow) and a black utility belt I found on Amazon.  And my gloves?  They're old lacrosse gloves from high school that I spray painted black!  It definitely doesn't get any easier than that; plus, you can wear all the pieces waaaaaay after Halloween (so you don't have to feel that guilt of paying $40+ on a costume that you probably won't ever wear again)!

For Halloween night this year, I'm going as Lilo from Lilo and Stitch (I just love that movie!)!  Again, super easier than you think, to put together.

While you're probably not going to be wearing a hula skirt any time soon after Halloween (and if you are, I'm totally jealous, because it's probably a good time wherever you're going, haha), you could totally re-wear the crop top (paired with a cute midi/high-waisted skirt perhaps?).

How stinkin' adorable is this little Stitch backpack?!  My inner child is totally obsessed.  Plus it's functional for keeping all my things safe for a night out on the town!

"This is your badness level.  It's unusually hight for someone of your size."

And these flats?  I don't even have to worry about getting use out of them--I've already worn them like fifty times since I got them last month!!!

Go forth and DIY the hell out of Halloween!  :)

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