Wednesday, August 12, 2015

Past and Present + WIWW

Fun fact: I am a huge history nerd (in college I majored in history).  As such, I've always been convinced that I was born in the wrong era (...even though I'm obsessed with my iPhone...oops, lol).

Given my love of history, and being an avid thrifter, I've come to really love and appreciate vintage fashion.  I love to try and incorporate it into my outfits, big or small; sometimes with a bold, red lip and winged eyeliner (which I kinda do everyday...), or I'll incorporate it into the shape/style of a dress I wear that day.

Today I even incorporated a fun hair scarf, along with my usual winged liner and red lips.

My favorite place to shop and get vintage inspiration is a local boutique called, Paper Doll Vintage Boutique (Sayville, NY, right on Main St., so if you're ever on Long Island, definitely go check it out!).  They have the cutest shop, and amazing vintage pieces.  Plus, owner Dominique, is an absolute sweetheart!  It's like stepping back in time, and it's just heaven for me!

On one of my many trips to Paper Doll with my sister, I spotted a new display: sunnies.  I had a blast trying them all on (and I do mean all). These sunnies (also styled here) immediately caught my eye, and it didn't take too much convincing to buy them right then and there.  They are hands down, one of my summer staples.  They're black, classic, and can go with anything!

I've really been digging this fishnet nail art on a "naked" nail.  It's super easy to do, and looks awesome (stay tuned for a DIY post!)!  And these little Ciaté nail pearls make this manicure feel a little more summer-y, and a whole lot more fancy-schmancy.

I know sometimes (...okay, most of the time!), it's a big ol' pain to keep a scarf (or bandana) on your head all day, especially if it's silky, like the scarf I wore today.  No worries; throw a couple of bobbies in, and you're good to go!  I like to use two on the top sides, and two on the back (keep them evenly spaced of the best look).

Another fun fact: I need glasses (womp).  But I won't settle for any ol' readers, I go all out; because if I need to wear them all the time, they need to be cute.  I actually ordered a pair of Versace frames when I went to the eye doctor for my exam, and they're totally pin up glam; I'm obsessed with them already (still waiting to pick them up lol).

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