Wednesday, August 5, 2015

Tough Girl, Pretty Girl + WIWW

Today was just an overall good day. I felt super productive AND both my hair and OOTD were on point; can a girl ask for more?  I didn't really have much to do (really I just had to get my eyes checked out and re-take my passport picture), but even when I cross off the few things on a short to-do list, I still feel kinda accomplished.  I think it was mostly because I felt so good about how I looked today, that I just came up with errands to do so I could show off my outfit, lol.

I totally felt pretty, and, a little badass today; AKA, the perfect combination for getting sh*t done!  I feel like looking good and feeling good makes me more productive; I got it all done and ordered some new frames ( red; which I'm super excited to share with you guys!)!  I feel like I totally rocked today.

Jeans are usually hit or miss for me, but GAP  has some killer jeans, that fit in all the right places, and don't make me look frumpy.  And their boyfriend jeans are my absolute fave.  These ripped pair are totally bad girl chic, and they're insanely comfy!

As always, I'm rocking my power bag, the Michael Kors Selma bag (in navy blue, because #navyornothing!), that Richie got me last year.  

Last year my sister and I discovered, Paper Doll Vintage Boutique, a local vintage store on Long Island (if you can't make it out to the Island, definitely give their Etsy shop a look!).  They have the best accessories to add a little vintage glam to your outfits.

While I was out at the eye doctor, one of the women working there actually made my day and told me that I inspired her outfit for a concert she was going to tonight!  Hearing things like that are total confidence boosters, and it made me love my outfit even more!

Clearly it's no secret I now love posing with my sister's (who also happens to be my photographer!) bright red car.  While I love my 2015 Chevy Equinox (AKA, Viv; named by my sister), Rachel's car just provided a more retro and edgier backdrop.  Plus, the bright red is the best pop of color for pretty much any photoshoot.

recently collaborated with Sakeenah over at BroBandz to share these earrings with you guys.  And just like their name, these are most certainly, "Not Your Grandma's Pearl Earrings"!  These earrings are the definition of tough girl, pretty girl chic!  Pearls in the front= classy, pretty girl; spikes in the back= edgy, tough girl.

I love the feeling of classic pearls (and I loooove me some pearls), and then BAM! silver spikes in the back add some tough girl flair.  Definitely the perfect pair of studs for taking on the day and crossing things off your to-do list!

And one of the best parts?  10% of the profits go towards Meals on Wheels and More chapter in Austin, TX.  I'm all about fashion for a cause, so for sure, check out BroBandz and help Sakeenah support Meals on Wheels and More!  <3

P.S.  This Turquoise Beaded necklace is too cute; and perfect for layering!

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  1. I love the off-shoulder top with the lace details. Dropping by from the linkup! Hope you can come over my blog to see my latest, or connect on social media :)

    Abby of Life in the Fash Lane

    1. This shirt is one of those awesome Target finds. Every once in a while I find something really, really good at Target, and this shirt definitely fits that bill! It's easily one of my favorite summer shirts! :)