Tuesday, August 25, 2015

Layers on Layers

Even though it's still summer it doesn't mean that you can't layer (I layered clothes and accessories today)!  Which also means, it's back to basics.  If you layer your accessories, I would say to keep your clothing layers more on the simple side, otherwise your outfit could become a circus (I love me some basics!).

Layering necklaces adds a lot of interest to an outfit; especially if you're keeping it simple like I did today.  A plain white tank is like a blank canvas, and adding a couple of special necklaces takes the outfit from plain and blah, to ooh-la-la sparkly.

If you haven't noticed yet, I'm obsessed with these cat eye sunnies (from Paper Doll Vintage Boutique, which I talked about here)!

P.S. My Princess Leia buns are a throwback to my 90s childhood (although one of the older librarians at work told me I look like a little Dutch girl, haha), a.k.a my Spice Girls phase (which I pretty sure any 90s girl went through and rocked this hairstyle at least once!).

I'm seriously in love with these druzy dainties (mentioned in this post last week) sent to me by the lovely Angel, of August Jewelry Chicago.  She was so lovely to work with, and I can't say enough good things about my new necklaces.  Plus, they go perfectly with my long J. Crew tassel necklaces (they were obviously made for each other!)!

Check out Angel's Insta, @augustjewelrychicago, and make sure to snag your own druzy necklaces before they're all gone!  (You can order through: augustjewelrychicago@gmail.com).

Layering tanks and sweaters is perfect for where I work; I do a lot of running around so sometimes I get really hot, and then other times if I'm in one spot for a while, I cool down in the AC and start to freeze.  A cute and simple tank under a simple sweater is the solution to the constant temperature change.

And, bonus!, throwing on a sweater gives you a whole other look!  It's basically two outfits in one (#score!).

And don't forget your Sperry's!  These white canvas ones make any outfit more summery (especially since my entire wardrobe consists of winter colors, lol).

Shop my look (and similar pieces) here!

How do you guys feel about summer layers?  :)

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