Monday, August 10, 2015

Style Inspo: Jessica Alba

There's always a few days where I find myself in a style rut.  I look into my closet and in my dresser and I can't seem to find anything I like enough to put together into an outfit, #strugs.  One of my favorite ways to get some style inspirations is looking to celebrities.  Jessica Alba is definitely one of of my favorite celebrities to look to for fashion inspiration.  What I love about her style is that, like Kate Middleton and Emma Watson (two of my other favorite style inspirations), her style is so accessible because it's easily duplicated on a broke girl budget!

Sometimes being able to duplicate a celebrity look (or even something close to it), makes me love my outfit even more that day, because I was able to create a similar for hundreds of dollars less!
Pic. from Daily Mail
Seriously, casual yet fancy and chic at it's finest.  Classic LBD, paired with this uh-mazing bomber jacket and black pumps.

Pic. from Boutique to You
I need this entire outfit in my closet, stat.  I've really been digging these flared jeans lately, and have been keeping my eyes peeled for a pair flattering to my shape because I just love them!  Plus, jeans and a white tee combo?  Check and check.

Pic. from Daily Mail
I am an absolute sucker for a good blazer; so much so that I may actually have a problem (totally picked one up last weekend at the J. Crew Factory store...#sorrynotsorry!).  Like the flared jeans, I'm also loving long blazers (with and without sleeves...although I guess that would make them I guess long vests are also on my list!  lol), and have been searching for one to rock myself.

Seriously though, how can one person be so perfectly and effortlessly chic?!  If I could just copy and paste her wardrobe into my own, I'd be such a happy camper.

Shop the look-alikes here!
What do you guys think of Jessica Alba's style?

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