Tuesday, September 1, 2015

From Happy Hour to 9-5 Chic

Today I took an oldie-but-goodie, faux-leather "going out" top and totally turned it into office chic!

I got this peplum a long time ago (okay, less than six years ago), when I was in college, and from then on it was pretty much only for going out.  But now that I'm out of college, and I'm still trying to figure out what I want to do, and money's tight, I've started to get creative with how I style my clothes and accessories so that I can stretch the wardrobe I have and cut back on buying so many new things.

I paired the peplum with a pair of Old Navy pixie pants (they're extremely comfortable, and totally office worthy; I also own about five pairs, haha) that I've easily worn double what I paid for them, and a plain white button up.  I've come to love layering this simple button up (funny story, this was a hand me down from my little sister--so, hand me up?--but my chest is much bigger than hers, so I can't wear it by itself, so I've taken to layering it with everything!  Check out this Insta, where I layered it with my J. Crew scallop dress--perfect for fall!)

I LOVE my ombré, and this winter, I'm sticking with it... but going in a totally different direction color wise (this gray ombre or this icy blue ombre)!

And the half bun-half down look is easily one of my favorite 'do's.  Depending on how you style your hair (or don't, like I did today #teamnatural), can make your half bun look casual or chic!  Total game changer (and it only takes a few seconds to throw up!).

Berry lips are my favorite for fall (and winter), and I'm in love with this Revlon Colorstay Moisture Stain in 'Parisian Passion" (what a name!).  It goes on super easy and doesn't dry out your lips at all; and the color is a bold and rich, jewel tone.

Cecil gold watch, c/o Fossil
But it's still summer, and one of my favorite summer shades is Essie's 'Butler Please'.  It's the epitome of summertime, and looks like a beautiful ocean blue that makes me wanna go hang out on a beach all day!  And these little Ciatè pearls totally step up my already awesome (and DIY'ed--pat pat on the back, lol) mani.

These metallic oxfords from J. Crew (an awesome find from a few months ago), are an awesome nod to the past, but still look fresh and not stuffy.

What do you guys think of making your night pieces, office-ready?  :)

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