Friday, April 15, 2016

Me + My Mini Me

Fun fact!  What a lot of y'all might not know about me is that in addition to blogging, I'm also a member of the Babysitters Club.

And one of my favorite babysitting stories to tell people is that one of my younger cousins (she's 10), thinks I'm famous because of my blog and Instagram; it's the sweetest thing ever!  So the other day when I went over to watch the kids, I decided to do a mini me outfit shoot--so much fun!

It's so funny because, we're not actually blood related (she's the daughter of my aunt's sister-in-law, and my aunt's married to my dad's younger brother...I know, complicated, lol), but we look SO similar!

Gabrielle's turning out to be a little fashionista herself (possibly future blogger like her favorite babysitter even? haha), so today I'm sharing her favorite graphic pullover picks with all of you! 

And you can shop my look, here!

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