Sunday, April 10, 2016

Easy Peasy, 1,2,3!

Sometimes getting an outfit together in the morning is a big ol' pain; blank stares into your closet, wondering what the heck you're going to wear today.

I have a super simple solution.  Break it down; just like your would one of those unnecessarily long math word problems.  When you dissect an outfit piece by piece, I've found it's much easier to pull something together than when you're just thinking of the whole outfit.

Pick one piece that you love, and then go from there.  Today I chose a fun, vintage inspired jacket.

Step 1: Start with your basics.  When I'm styling a fun, detailed jacket, the rest of my outfit is composed of basic pieces so that the jacket is the crown jewel of my look.  Today I'm wearing this nice, light aerie button up top (perfect for the warmer weather, or in this case, layering), paired with a pair of classic black American Eagle jeggings (perfect for any clean, classic look!).

A statement piece is only as good as it's basic base.  At least to me anyways.  If you feel good in your base pieces (the fit, comfort, etc), then you'll have the confidence to rock the hell out of your statement, no matter how bold it is!  When you feel good, you'll look good (never underestimate the power of confidence!).

Plus, a good basic outfit can be style in a hundred different ways, depending on what other pieces you decide to add on; it's basically your blank canvas, to dress up any way you want!

Step 2: Add one or two fun elements...but don't get too crazy!  Again, you want the jacket to be the star of the show.  I added this recent purchase, a J. Crew suede clutch (goes with everything!), and a pop of color in the form of a vintage silk scarf (this one is great too!).

Step 3: Add that statement piece!! this case an awesome jacket!

I found this awesome vintage inspired military jacket (similar here!) on Poshmark (use code PNXBH when you sign up to get a $10 credit!).

How do you cut down time on morning styling? :)

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