Sunday, June 21, 2015

Summertime with eShakti

A while back I had collaborated with eShakti for a review of their umbrella dress (featured here), and I love it!  What's so special about eShakti?  Their clothes are customizable!  Sleeves, hems, pockets; they provide great options for you to customize your piece to your tastes and comfort.  Not something you can do with any company when you order online (unless you want to bring them to a seamstress, but who wants to add something like that to their to-do list?).

This time they've asked me to look through their summer look book, review it, and share it with all you lovely readers!  :)

Summer Is Here

When I think of summer I think of: bright whites, ocean and sky blues, and fun pattern play!
Flamingos?  Yes please!  These patterns are seriously so much fun for the summer!  Bright pink screams summer fun, and it's a print I've been dying to try out!  The retro style of the white dress is something you don't see a lot, so I'm definitely a fan.  And the aqua dress has amazing bow details up by the collar that I love.

Gingham, in blue.  And in a retro shape.  I'm secretly in love with 50s housewife fashion (anyone else dying to channel their inner Betty Draper?), so I'm loving these dresses for summer!  For some reason, when I see blue gingham I think picnics and BBQs (AKA the best things about summer!)...anyone else?

I love chambray anytime, which makes it perfect for summer, because then you can transition these pieces to any other season.  Yay for versatility!  

Scallops are reminiscent of ocean waves, as does chambray.  Denim is super durable, which is great for summertime adventures!  And jumpsuits?  My new favorite for spur of the moment romps; throw it on and go!
White and blue dresses?  I'm drooling over here.  Embroidered bib detail, bows on sleeves, laser cuts and anchors?  I want, no need, them all!  Bright whites and blues look uh-mazing with that summer glow from days out in the sun!

Pattern bottoms are a must.  How fun are these cactus print pants?  I've never even seen a cactus print before, and I have to have it!

And pompoms?  I'll take a pair of those too!  What I really love about these shorts are that they're not super short.  I'm tall (well, kind of...I'm 5'7") and have thick thighs, so the super cute pompom shorts, I can't really wear, they tend to be uncomfortable.  These ones have a longer inseam, and I'm totally digging them!

I'm keeping my fingers crossed that eShakti comes out with more fun prints and some more bright colors!

The site is easy-peasy to navigate and they have great sales going on right now, so bows the time to pick up all your summer pieces!  At first it may seem expensive, but when you factor in the customization (plus, the quality is surprisingly awesome!), it's actually more of an investment piece if anything!

They've all been so kind to let me share a special deal with you lovely readers; a $35 gift card towards your purchase!

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