Monday, June 15, 2015

Weekend Wear

Does anyone else ever leave Target with a bag full of goodies they didn't intend on buying?  You go in for one thing and come out with seven others. On Saturday I went in for windshield wiper fluid and came out with a bunch of other things (I did however, manage to remember to buy the wiper fluid, so still a productive visit in my books!).

One of the things that caught my eye was this super cute mini handbag!  It was in the bag clearance section, and I almost walked past it, but the bright red-orange caught my eye...and then so did the price tag! 

Seriously, only $10.48?!  For that price I was ready to buy a second one in light blue, but being on a budget I had to rope in my excitement just buy the one.  I plan on using it all summer. 

The brightness of this little bag is perfect for summer!  It adds a great pop of color to my outfits, especially since I happen to wear a lot of white and black, kind of like the outfit that I wore out with the girls this weekend.

I found this super cute off-the-shoulder while I was at Target (right after I found the bag, lol).  It tucked into my graphic Old Navy pants (on sale and under $30!) perfectly!

The size is awesome!  It looks small on the outside, but is super roomy on the inside!

And of course, a pair of aviators is the way to go in the summer!

What do you think of the mini bag?  :)

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